Happy 10th birthday, InternetDevels: it’s our time to shine!

Happy birthday, Internetdevels

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a new company was founded — InternetDevels. It used a powerful force to create amazing websites and projects called Drupal.” That’s exactly how the story of our company would have begun, if it had been written along the lines of Star Wars. We have achieved much, and many things have happened over our 10 successful years. They’re not measured in astronomical units, but they are still impressive. And while movie fans are waiting for the upcoming episode of Star Wars, we gathered the facts about the InternetDevels website development company that you will not find in any other source. This is what we got.

10 achievements & facts about InternetDevels

Logo evolution

Everything changes over time, and your logo is no exception. It is a part of your branding, whether you fight in galactic wars or demonstrate your power in web development. The InternetDevels logo was minimized down to just two blue initial letters of the company name. It is now simple, stylish and modern — minimalism at its finest.

internetdevels logos

Age of stuff

Like every “Drupal army,” we want to get only the best professionals. In the ID Family, we are always open to passionate and high-potential newbies — whether you are 18 or 38. If you make the effort, you have a chance to be promoted to padawan, or even Jedi, in Drupal. Yes, we have the same system as in Star Wars for our promotions. This is what our age profile in InternetDevels is today:

age of stuff InternetDevels

“Make Drupal, not war” — this is a great motto for all who prefer quality and website security above all else, as well as for InternetDevels. Those principles resonated with many people from different cities. As a result, what was a hobby 10 years ago for a small group of like-minded people has grown into a huge friendly team of 100+ seasoned professionals with expertise in web development. We didn’t find experts from other galaxies, but we did bring real Drupal enthusiasts from various parts of the country:

InternetDevels unites

Where Drupal leads, we follow

It’s not every day that we have the ability to celebrate 10 incredible years with the people who constantly strove to improve their skills and learned something new in their field, the people who helped make it all possible. We didn’t have spaceships to make trips, but we had a desire to grow and be unique. Since 2007, our team has attended lots of significant Drupal events throughout the world. Drupal DevDays in Seville and Milan, DMS EXPO in Stuttgart, Drupal cons in colorful Mumbai, in the heart of European football — Barcelona, in jazz New Orleans, Los Angeles, Branham300 Launch Event in Toronto… The list of our great journeys goes on.

internetdevels journeys

Drupal events in Ukraine

InternetDevels is also one of the main contributors to the Drupal Ukraine Community, sponsor and organizer of Drupal conferences in our country. During 10 years we took an active part in the incredible IT events, Drupal camps in particular (Lviv Euro DrupalCamp, Kyiv DrupalCamp, Lutsk DrupalCamp). We held conferences which could be useful not only for developers, but other IT specialists as well. Among the most important ones are ConversionCon Ua, Bid&Tender Winner Conference, IT Sales & Marketing Summit, Your future in the ІТ, Teambuilding and Career Forum, and more. We taught and learned how to find solutions to their companies’ key problems, traded interesting sales and marketing secrets, and gave useful tips.

Our Drupal tours in Western Ukraine were also unforgettable. We launched a new format for meetings and went to the biggest cities: Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia and Rivne. The participants exchanged their own experiences and got cool impressions.

Besides, InternetDevels supports Drupal in Volyn’ region, where our star path began. Our force is our knowledge, and we enrich it every day. And fresh blood only adds this strength. Therefore, from year to year, the company organizes useful meetings for students and passionate fans of programming: Drupal cafés, code-sprints and trainings. We should also mention Mykhaylo Kudelia, an ambitious student, whom we sponsored at the Infomatrix international contest. There the young programmer won silver.

drupal events in ukraine

Our trophies

For ages, true warriors bring home the trophies from the biggest battles. It was the sign of victory, power and greatness. In InternetDevels, we also have an old tradition to gather trophies — in this case, t-shirts from various important Drupal events. This is the little part of what we got for today.

our trophies

Behind the scenes of Internetdevel

We spend most of our life together. Here everyone web develops, uses, designs and makes their contribution to Drupal because we love it. InternetDevels is a perfect place to not only establish new business connections, improve your Drupal skills, but make true friends as well. What is more, there are even those who found love here, like in the Star Wars Saga. Just remember Han and Leia, Obi-Wan and Satine, Luke and Mara, and even R2-D2 and C-3PO (These two may not be programmed to feel love, but we can tell they are best friends for sure). During this time, 15 couples found love through InternetDevels, and eight of them have already started a family.

behind the scenes of internetdevels

Our weapons

Drupal performs perfectly. But they say one man in the field is no warrior. Quite often, it is necessary to master more technologies in our work to achieve better results. It is challenging but also interesting. So, during the web development process, we benefit from the following weapons:

our weapons

As you can see, we are well-armed, but we use this force for good purposes.

CMSs we use

Sometimes, it is not enough to win the whole battle with one lightsaber, even if you use one powerful CMS, like Drupal. Our professional skills are growing as our customers’ needs grow. For today, we operate also some other platforms: WordPress, Magento and Laravel.

cms we use

Star news

We officially pronounce that we are not conducting any wars, and infowars in particular. Our policy is to provide only reliable and useful information which focuses on web development and its improvement. And we have a lot to be proud of. During the past decade we have posted 392 blog posts. We do a lot of crazy things for our users.

star news

Bonus +

In the world of animals

The new 11th year has already started for us. We hope it will be even more interesting and busy. And we will in share another "fluffy" fact with you in turn. Some people are interested in history, and some people collect robots. As for us, we can not live without animals. ID Family has become a home to various species of fauna: from small hamsters to big chinchillas, from cute chipmunks to insidious iguanas, from sweet-voiced parrots to mysterious spiders. Turtles and exotic fish also cheered us.

in the world of animals

Without any doubt, these 10 years were very productive. Our 10th anniversary is a key point to see our achievements and recognize this is only the beginning of our long journey in IT space. We are ready for any tasks and any challenges, as among us there are true jedis with their minds as sharp as their swords. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the Star Wars sequel on the big screen. Our star saga is also to be continued!


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