Drupal tourists in Ternopil

Drupal tourists in Ternopil

Nothing keeps Drupal development specialists from spreading the word! We are passionate for Drupal and IT, so enjoy meeting like-minded people very much! Despite the cold winter weather, Ternopil welcomed us with warmth and friendliness. How was it? Our blog post will tell.

We were getting ourselves ready for the ride for almost a month. Our brandy Drupal van wanted to make a nice impression too, that’s why the journey hit off from the car wash :)

Three hours of the journey passed like a moment, and yet we came to Ternopil! Our tourists were gladly exploring the sightseeing points of the city, while there still was a time before the event actually hit off.

So the DrupalTour began! There was quite a lot of visitors. Just have a look at all that clever faces:

DrupalTour visitors

We started with the report of Andrii Sakhaniuk. He informed everyone about the sequence of actions, taking place, when you open a URL. The topic was cool and interesting, besides, Andrii did his best to make the report understandable for visitors with any technical background.

Andrii Sakhaniuk DrupalTour

Our next star was Vasyl Plotnikov. He understands the web development process from inside and knows many tricks, helping to solve multiple web development problems. This time he shared his experience of writing a PHP extension. And yes, Vasyl was coding right there!

Vasyl Plotnikov DrupalTour

Everyone knows, that web security is crucial for any site. Max Orlovskii, the speaker from MagneticOne, delivered a report about this issue. Was very interesting and useful! By the way, we want to thank MagneticOne company for becoming a sponsor of DrupalTour. You guys are cool!

Max Orlovskii DrupalTour

And the last but not least: Serhii Puchkovskii! He was giving Drupal developers an advice, how to save their time. The answer is simple: Drush! More beer, less effort :)

Serhii Puchkovskii DrupalTour

So the official part of DrupalTour passed by and yet we’ve got another surprize — an excursion through Ternopil, held by our hosts. The evening city was truly amazing with all those lights!

After that we headed back to Lutsk, tired, but happy. Join our Drupal developers in our next ride! We’re heading to Khmelnitskiy!

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