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If you want pizza, you can either go to café or order delivery, right? So why should Drupal be different? :) We made Drupal delivery possible to any Ukrainian city with DrupalTour!


The idea originally belongs to our CEO, Viktor Levandovsky, and is simple as that: we travel around the country to spread the Drupal word! Evangelism as it is! Every month we’re gathering a crew of awesome drupalers and set off for a ride. Our brandy Drupal van makes every journey unforgettable. We’ve already been to 8 cities (just like Drupal versions) and aren’t going to stop!


Every Drupal developer has something he’d like to share: some interesting cases, cool coding tricks or favorite modules — anything connected with Drupal life. The basic structure resembles of DrupalCamp — sessions are our everything. So DrupalTour reports are targeted at quite large audience: from Drupal toddlers to mature long bearded Drupal masters. Here are some examples of the reports:

  1. How to create high quality Drupal module;
  2. Development workflow in Drupal. Continuous integration;
  3. The bumpy road of Drupal 7: entity reference vs. custom multifield;
  4. Theming in Drupal 8: from A to Z;
  5. Writing your own PHP extension.


And afterwards — beer and coffee (shaken, not stirred)) Just seat in nice and friendly company, discuss the most interesting moments in details and relax…

BTW, do you remember the cool Drupal mugs we brought to DrupalCons? Nice chance to get one at our DrupalTour! Someone has told us that the mugs are magical — morning coffee becomes twice much tastier if you drink from it ;)

DrupalTour mugs

Such great Drupal parties take place every month in Ukraine. So how about hanging out in your city? Let’s make it international now! Let’s spread Drupal web development ideas together!

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