Easy ways to keep your website fresh

Easy ways to keep your website fresh

A website is like a house. It’s not enough to just having it built, you also need to clean it up regularly to get rid of unneeded stuff as well as bring new things in its interior. Audiences quickly become bored by out-of-date websites that do not change for a long time, ignore trends and don’t care about fixing errors. Make sure your website remains in perfect condition and has all the improvements you want. Below, our WordPress development company suggest tips on how to refresh your website to enhance conversions and reduce bounce rate.

Tips for a fresh website:

Keep your content relevant and engaging

It’s impossible to imagine a website without content. The information, presented in numerous forms, is the thing that your visitors come to your site for. If you want them to read your site’s content and react favorably, you should use all the content marketing benefits. Think whether you have changed your contacts or have rebranded recently, or whether your copyright year is current. Don’t ever let your users stumble on outdated or irrelevant content — check it regularly.

Add fresh content as well, for instance, new examples of completed projects in a portfolio, new events, new offerings, etc. Create a blog, if you haven’t done this yet, and keep your content unique. This will help generate more interest and higher click-through rates to keep your audience engaged.

Let your site content travel. Allow your visitors to download your important information (checklists, FAQ sheets, reports, directories, etc.) in .pdf format.

Keep your CTA buttons action-inspiring

A call-to-action is one of the must-haves of an effective landing page. It can also appear on any other page and is aimed at encouraging your visitors to buy, order, download, subscribe, register, sign up, contact or take any other action you want. Social sharing buttons and social media follow buttons asked to follow, join, tweet or like are nice tools to spread your content and reach wider audience.

Keep your CTA buttons well-designed with a clear message and well-placed to make visitors easily notice it. The most effective places, according to researches, are above the content and left of the content.

Keep your social media accounts alive

Social media matters a lot for contemporary users, and they spend time there every day. As you put social media follow buttons on your site, keep your social media pages active, interesting and up to date. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook business pages are ways to enhance your brand recognition, to inform people about novelties and to advertise. They should direct people to your company website, where they can find more converting content. Your social media posts should be like a bridge between social networks and the site to carry user transitions. Don’t just give users some information in yours posts, insert hyperlinks to appropriate site pages as much as possible. Insert keywords and hashtags also where they can be easily found.

Social media management tools will help you create, schedule and publish your fresh content on social networks as well as find prospective customers. Keep your posts emerging often in users’ newsfeeds, at least twice a week. Free social media monitoring tools will help you measure your brand visibility and track mentions and feedbacks.

Keep your links valid

Broken links reduce your company’s credibility and trust. To detect and fix them, conduct a link audit with the help of Google Search Console, or ask us. Check your internal URLs and find out which ones are the most vital to fix first. Check not only your site, but also referring websites that may contain broken links to your pages. This will improve your SEO and user experience.

However, a “page not found” error message isn’t completely avoidable. Try to make this unwanted scenario entertaining and as pleasant as possible. Design a creative 404 error page to evoke smiles and appreciation.

Keep your business secured against fresh threats

Fresh malware is constantly designed by cyber criminals and new bugs happen from time to time. To avoid cybersecurity threats, do a security audit no less than once a year. Also, remember the tips of how to keep your social media accounts secured that we have previously suggested, because having accounts hacked is no less of a problem than having a site hacked. Both can spoil your reputation. Detect vulnerabilities and patch them in time, so your business will always be freshly secured.

Follow the tips above to periodically refresh your site. If you need professional assistance, contact our experts to get Drupal website support and maintenance.

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