Ways to get unique content for your website

Ways to get unique content for your website

The unique content is known to be the foundation of the website optimization. Without it, search engines will not consider your site necessary and useful. You can either hire a copywriter or write texts by yourself, but it requires money and time, and most of us have no desire to spend none of those:) In this article our WordPress development company'll describe how and where you can quickly get a free unique content, texts in particular.

Ways to get free unique content for your website

  • Translations

It is enough to enter your main keyword in a foreign language (e.g. French) with the appropriate geo-targeting into the search engine, and you will find yourself in a competitive niche of another country. Here are loads of content which can be translated and as a result you will get a unique thematic material for the site. After the translation, it is necessary to check the uniqueness of the text. There are many services for this, but we recommend you to use Advego or Etxt. If the texts are unique, it is possible to squeeze out a lot of useful things from this resource.

  • Record

There are many services and programs for converting speech into text. You just need to record the speech from the thematic documentary, for example. And get a ready-made thematic material! But it is necessary to check if the recorded text is converted adequately: a bad audio track, inarticulate voice, rapid speech or bad software may cause some troubles. In any case, the text is to be edited before the publication. Also, check the uniqueness of the text, before large-scale recording. It is likely that this audio track has already been used by someone else:)

  • AGS

This method is suitable for Yandex only, as AGS is a filter of this search engine which is used to reduce the factor of irrelevant influence on the search engine ranking results. In other words, AGS is an algorithm by which Yandex filters the sites and stores them to the blacklist. It was introduced back in 2009, but since the end of last year, Yandex has tightened the ranking criteria by introducing a new algorithm called AGS-40. After the latest innovations, a lot of the websites with the unique content have been removed from the Yandex index. You can find these sites and "borrow" these materials there. How to find sites with AGS? You need to parse Google search results according to the desired keywords, to compile a list of sites and to analyze whether they are indexed in Yandex using a great software "Netpeak Checker". If the site has less than 30-50 pages in the index - it is most likely to be under AGS. But to make it sure, just enter the desired page with the article into Yandex search.

Warning: maybe these sites have law-quality texts and that’s why the are filtered by AGS. So be careful when choosing content. Place only interesting and useful texts on your site.

  • Web archive

Here we need to walk on "sites’ cemetery" and find dead websites which have had the unique content once. Netpeak Checker will sort out the list of sites according to their presence in the archive. We should enter a web archive, write the selected thematic domains, find content and check it for uniqueness. Many webmasters have already used a lot of competitive content, but there are still lots of other useful materials, assuming that the list of dead sites is updated every day.

Summarizing everything mentioned above, we have considered only a few ways of unique content extraction - in fact, there are many more. But the best unique content is a content that you have created yourself, because only you know what the text should go about and how it should be structured! But if you have no time for creativity, we advise you to consult a professional copywriter. SEO forums are the best sites where you can find them, because SEO professionals and webmasters have already taught them to write interesting and useful SEO-texts.

And let the SERP be with you

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