Top 30 free marketing tools

Top 30 free marketing tools

Establishing your online presence can really aid your offline business. There are lots of paid and free tools helping you with this. Some are absolutely free of charge and some contain only free trial or testing versions, but you can access enough of their features to get useful data. You can check out the best free usability tools to improve your UX design and read today’s article about tools for web analytics, SEO and social media monitoring. All of them will help you achieve marketing goals.

Top 10 free web analytics tools

  • Google Analytics is the most widely used feature-rich service that tracks site and app traffic, monitor visitors behavior, analyzes obtained data and provides you with reports. You can apply Google Analytics in your content marketing strategy and in planning different online campaigns.
  • Open Web Analytics has features similar to Google Analytics, except for tracking third-party resources. You can either use its WordPress plug-in or integrate its PHP API in your app API.
  • AWStats is absolutely free and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. It works on the server side instead of the website. It can read and analyze many types of log files from all major server tools.
  • StatCounter tracks your visitors when they come, leave and return to the website and gives you real-time visual feedback about their behavior.
  • Matomo is open source and self-hosted, so you can keep the information about your visitors private. It shows reports about online visits: the geographic location of the visitor, the source, time, technical specifications and much more.
  • Kissmetrics studies customer intelligence and UX and helps you increase engagement, conversions and retention.
  • Woopra helps you find out more about your customers by tracking their on-site, app, e-mail and other activity.
  • Clicky monitors every visitor’s actions, analyzes traffic and gives up-to-the-minute real time reports.
  • Crazy Egg provides you with a scroll map to know how far your visitors are scrolling and where they stop, a heatmap to point out the most clicked areas, an overlay report to see the number of clicks on each page element and much more interesting information. Internet users are often clicking on things that aren’t even links, but look like them. Find out what’s happening on your site with the help of CrazyEgg, which you can use for a month for free.
  • Linktrack reports on the links visitors activity, tracking every click and delivering real-time updates. Both a free plan and paid premium plans are available.

Top 10 free SEO tools

As you know, loading time is included in search engine ranking algorithms and is therefore important for SEO. You can read our previous blog post about the best website speed test tools for more information. But you can improve other aspects of your search engine optimization besides speed with the help of other tools, listed below.

  • Bing Webmaster Tool is a part of Microsoft's Bing search engine. It covers crawler issues, markup validation, keyword search and more, offering its diagnostic, research and reporting tools.
  • Google Search Console (previously called Google Webmaster Tools) is useful for those who want to have a Google-friendly site or app.
  • Google Keyword Planner helps you build and expand your search network campaigns. It suggests keywords that perform well for your topic and provides you with monthly search volume statistics for each of its suggestions.
  • Keyword Tool is a great alternative to Keyword Planner, and is particularly effective for long-tail keywords.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool crawls through your website’s elements, analyzes meta descriptions and page titles, detects broken links, finds duplicate content and more.
  • SEOptimer offers a fast SEO audit and easy to follow instructions to improve your site performance.
  • Browseo sees your web resource the way search crawlers do. It highlights parts of your page relevant to SEO. All you need to do is enter your site’s URL — it’s all online, with no need to download or install anything.
  • MozCast keeps an eye on changes in Google's search algorithms and shows daily reports in a creative, weather forecast like manner.
  • SERPs free tools allow you to get fast keyword suggestions, check ranks for each keyword, and even see differences in global and local rankings without changing your physical location.
  • Quick Sprout receives data from your Google Analytics account and provides you with ideas about how to increase your traffic and improve SEO.

Top 10 free social media monitoring tools

We have already published 7 awesome social media management tools that help you create, schedule, publish and share content across many social networking platforms and generate leads. Now we offer you a list of tools that will make your SMM strategy effective too, but which can be used for free. These unpaid tools to monitor social networking sites are listed below.

  • Social Mention gathers and processes user generated content from FriendFeed, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Google and others. It gives you an opportunity to monitor and measure what people are writing about your new product, your company, or about any other issue across the social media space worldwide and in real time.
  • Social Seaking is a totally free real time social media search engine, which monitors content from Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Lastfm and Vimeo.
  • Social Pointer can be used by marketing agencies and individuals not only to monitor mentions in social media posts and user conversations, but also to respond to them in real time.
  • Adict-o-matic seeks the latest news, blog posts, pictures and videos on many topics among such web resources as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google Blog Search, Twingly, Bing, Blinkx, Yahoo,, WordPress blogs, Wikio, FriendFeed and others. Adictomatic gives you the possibility to personalize your search results dashboard and the layout of topic headline boxes. Then you can delete or bookmark your customized page.
  • Hootsuite tracks messages and mentions to enhance your brand’s reputation, identifies trends with analytics and allows you to automatically find and schedule useful content to manage all your accounts, securing them from hackers and other external threats.
  • HowSociable helps monitor and measure your brand’s and your competitors’ visibility on the social web. Its approach allows you to see the scores for each social networking platform separately, so you can see which one works best for your business and which one needs improvements. However, a free account prevents you from tracking all social media sites. You’ll need to pay to track more.
  • Klout suggests content for your social profiles and tracks its feedback. The more shares, retweets and likes you gain from your followers, friends and fans, the higher your Klout influence score will be.
  • Crowdfire helps you enlarge your target audience and keep it hooked. It finds fresh content and schedules the most apt time for posting it on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and other profiles.
  • Rapportive helps you get access to profiles and activity on LinkedIn and send reports directly to your Gmail.
  • IceRocket find mentions trending over time in blogs and social media according to the keywords you enter.

We hope you’ll find this list useful and select an appropriate tool to enhance your online presence. If you have any questions, you can contact our Drupal company.

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