Must-haves of Effective Landing Page - Presentation

Must-haves of Effective Landing Page - Presentation

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An effective landing page is the basis of successful online marketing, yet designing a top-notch landing page may be tricky and pose serious challenges. There are so many ways how to make your landing page more effective, for example, apply to usability testing services, avoid users’ pet peeves or simply grab their attention with images, and many more. We have come up with some “must-haves” for those who want to design an outstanding landing page. Ready to give it a shot? Let’s kick off with learning the basics.

Must-Haves for the Perfect Landing Page

Headings & Subheadings

Having crystal clear and coherent headings is a golden rule for all landing pages. Remarkable and catchy headlines should let users know what the page is about and make them stay on your page longer. Don’t forget to make them persuasive, because if the heading has already captured users’ attention, it is more evident that they will have a desire to continue reading information on the page they “landed”. Subheadlines have to empower the headline and grip readers, so that they are more interested in what they are going to read about.


The text you are going to place on the landing page should not confuse or discourage the reader. Take into account these three main points:

  • Present information in the bulleted lists.
  • Texts should be laconic.
  • Highlight essential information.

When you apply these things, you create an environment, where visitors are able to easily see the needed data.


Ask questions which will help to get essential information for marketing strategy development. Generate only a few fields (e.g. name, e-mail, phone number) and don’t make all of them required. It is unnecessary to ask personal data, such as address, passport number, credit cards, and so on. Every required field should be somehow lighted, and if the user doesn’t fill it, pop-ups should indicate an error. Colorful background of your forms will make them impossible not to be noticed.

Cooperation Scheme

It’s a great idea to focus on a conversation between you and your visitors. To do this, try to stick to the following points:

  • Create a flowchart, where you explain the main stages of ordering goods or services.
  • Try to adhere to ‘the less, the better’ rule, and make no mention of payment.
  • Give exhaustive answers to the frequently asked questions.

Having their questions answered, users will feel that their needs count to you, and they may become your potential clients in the future.


All your web design components should match each other as well as your brand. Visitors have to remember them when they enter your page again. A perfectly and thoroughly designed logo is a must for any landing page.

Benefits of Products and Services

Customers don’t want to buy a pig in a poke, so try to describe in detail all benefits of your product. List the number of perks your service or product has, providing relevant visualization. The right balance of various icons and pictures makes a memorable impression, consequently visitors click on the link to see your page again, and they might choose exactly what you have to offer.

Call to Action

Actually, CTA is the reason why your landing page has been created - to advertise and sell suggested goods, sign up for e-mail messages, contact you or just try some of your products. So, use clear phrases, focus on the main idea, highlight primary details and make the element's layout appealing. And remember, the focal point is only one, a specific action.

SEO Optimization

“The best definition of an effective landing page is a highly optimized page designed for humans and built for search engines”, claims Brian Groce, the owner of Internet marketing business. Landing pages are launched for people, however, they must be highly optimized for search engines. This fact is important, as it affects lender’s visibility on the web.

Social Links

One more thing worth mentioning is placing data in trendy social networks, for instance Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Let your visitors share your video, or, which is better, publish the whole page. Additionally, recommendations of social network users boost the credibility of your brand. Put share buttons and make them noticeable. As a result, the number of visitors will inevitably increase.

Webpage Design

Any UX design company or Drupal web design company is concerned about a well-designed interface, as it plays a vital role in the overall user experience. Let’s look at some tips on general webpage design. It is preferable, if colors of your landing page don’t differ from your website and logo. Therefore, don’t substitute color scheme and fonts, and your brand will be more recognizable for customers. Effective colors are inherent to the landing page optimization process. Use your imagination and apply additional color palettes as well as contrasts. Having done all this stuff, you may be sure that your page will be absolutely stunning and eye-catching. And don’t forget about responsive design for mobile devices and tablets!

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, this informative article has enriched your knowledge on landing pages as well as inspired you to create your own. The World Wide Web teems with relevant information on designing outstanding landing pages, so keep digging! And, most importantly, enjoy putting together your landing page and try to make the most of it! Have a blast!

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