Make your Facebook page work for your business!

Make your Facebook page work for your business!

Facebook is a very popular social media platform with a large world-wide community, which offers great opportunities for business. We have already devoted a few technical blog posts to it. They were about sending invitations to friends, about publishing posts on social pages and about Facebook auto posting. If you are going to create a Facebook page for your business, our guide will help you do it well and figure out which things you should focus on. If you already have a page, check whether you’ve taken into consideration all the important things your business page should have.

Tips for Facebook business page optimization:

Right name

Choosing the right name for your FB business page is a fundamental step. Any user who wants to find your brand on social media should be able to do so easily. Thus, it’s best to write the official name of your company. It’s unique and recognizable. Don’t add any unnecessary or generic words, especially at the beginning. Remember that the first word of your Facebook page title is the most important in Google’s eyes. Adding relevant keywords may also result in Google doubting your legitimacy or marking the page as spam. So, choose a simple, clear and accurate name.

Vanity URL

By default, Facebook generates a nondescript URL-address when you sign up. It’s a combination of random symbols that are impossible to read or remember. You can customize this URL to make it distinguishable and discoverable. In addition, as you know, establishing a company’s name recognition is the key for promotion and success. So, it’s a great chance to strengthen brandability by mentioning your own brand in the page title and URL. Moreover, due to personalization, your page can be found more easily by both Facebook search and by search engines. The earlier you set a vanity URL up, the better.

Cover and profile images

As you know, visual information has a great impact on people’s perception. So think about what impressions and associations you want your Facebook Page to make on its visitors. Your cover photo must be relevant to your brand. You may choose a picture of your product alone, or happy people wearing or consuming your products. The cover image is more likely to be changed from time to time than a profile picture. Thus, it’s a great platform to highlight your current campaigns, promotion events, temporary discounts or sales.

Your profile picture is located on the left side of your Facebook page. Also, a small version of it accompanies your business page name when it shows up in FB search results and when you interact with users. So, the best idea is to put your official logo here, which will promote your brand recognition. You may find more detailed information about the profile and cover pictures dimensions here.

Profile completeness

Keeping a profile informative is important. It gives users an idea about who you actually are, what products or services your business is offering, and how this can be useful for them. The more complete your profile is, the more serious an attitude it will convey and the more professional you’ll look. So, make sure you filled in all the areas: profile, biography, avatar and cover photo. Always keep them relevant and up-to-date. Be sure to be consistent among all your social media channels and website, and make sure that their main info matches.

"About" section

Pay special attention to the “About” area, as it is a good place to emphasize the benefits and values of your business. Also, it directs your customers to other places they can find you, such as your official website and other social media pages. Along with a physical address, including house number, street, city, state or region and zip code, attach a map and hours of operation. Mention your FB Messenger protocol, such as your customer service representatives’ online hours and approximate response time. Put your phone numbers and e-mails. Offer your customers several ways to reach you and let them select the most convenient for them.

A comprehensive “About” section can save time. There is no need for you to answer repetitive questions regarding general information about your company that is not confidential and common to everyone. The users can check the “About” page out and find needed data effortlessly. Private messages are better suited for discussing specific issues that are individual to each customer.

Call-to-action button

A call-to-action button on your Facebook page will help users easily interact with you. It also can direct them to your website. Think about your business goals and choose an appropriate button. It could be “Sign Up,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Use App,” “Play Game,” “Shop Now,” or “Watch Video.” Learn how to add a CTA button to your FB page.

Harmony across your FB profile

Using your wall, you can deliver the news about marketing campaigns and changes in the assortment of your goods and services, as well as spread the information about your company’s life. You may also find relevant news and post, or repost, novelties in your business sphere or inventions that are related to your occupation. If you want to congratulate your customers on the New Year's holidays or other big national or religious holidays, think about the best way to do this. Remember any professional days or prominent dates in history connected with your activity. Don’t publish irrelevant material. The general mood of your Facebook page should match your company’s image, values, objectives and the specifics of your kind of business. Either a humorous or over serious tone can be justified if it is in its place. Make sure that the overall atmosphere doesn’t cause dissonance.

Keeping a Facebook business page is a powerful tool for any company. Following these pieces of advice will improve your FB page visibility and findability, as well as your brand recognition and interactions with your customers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can contact our Drupal developers from here, or find us on Facebook or on any other social media platform that is convenient for you.

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