Great examples of high tech company websites built on Drupal

Great examples of high tech company websites built on Drupal

Drupal is moving to the future and adopting more and more innovative trends. No wonder, high-tech engineering leaders trust Drupal and build their sites with it.

Drupal in high-tech: innovative companies + innovative CMS

A perfect match! Thinking about Drupal’s innovative spirit, we want to mention some of its many capabilities, so here are at least a few:

Great examples of high-tech company websites built on Drupal

Let’s learn more about Drupal for high-tech company websites by looking at the following examples.


Electric cars, solar panels, and renewable energy are the three pillars of expertise of the incredible innovator Tesla. The high-tech giant has also chosen the right CMS — Tesla’s site is built with Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager.

Tesla website built with Drupal

An amazing web design with background videos and zooming effects allows customers to see the products almost like they were there in real life and be inspired. Users can select among 30+ regions to see the website version in their native language.Tesla website built with Drupal

While choosing the products, you can specify all parameters and see the changed picture without a page reload. There is also an online payment feature.

Tesla website built with Drupal

General Electric

While we are discussing Drupal for high-tech industry leaders, we want to mention General Electric Company (GE). Its innovation builds, powers, moves, and cures the world. And Drupal powers their website, where we can learn this and more about them.

The site’s users can select among such GE businesses as aviation, power, renewable energy, healthcare, lighting, and so on. The large and handy search bar on the main page also quickly takes them to where they wish. The stylish design of many sections features background videos.

GE website built with Drupal

As 130 countries are currently home to GE operations, users can select and visit their specific site version.

GE website built with Drupal


Iteris Inc. produces innovative sensors and other solutions that predict the state of traffic, weather, soil, etc. to boost the agriculture and transportation industries. While Iteris products win high-tech innovation awards, Drupal has won their trust as a CMS.

Iteris website built with Drupal

Iteris chose Drupal 8 to revamp their website as part of the rebranding campaign. The site is great from frontend to backend — from the stylish design with the main page’s slider to complex permissions for particular user types.

Iteris website built with Drupal


The Pfizer multinational pharmaceutical corporation uses technology and innovative science for advanced patient care.

Pfizer website built with Drupal

Their website has 50+ country/region and language options. The content is presented in five key categories: “Your Health,” “Our Science,” “Our People,” “Our Purpose”, and “Our products.”

Pfizer website built with Drupal

There is a strong search feature for Pfizer’s products, the option to find the clinical trial results, and much more.

What about your future website?

Hopefully, these examples of high-tech company websites built on Drupal have inspired you. They are just a few from the million+ Drupal sites worldwide in various industries — e-commerce, education, business & finance, and so on. In addition to being innovative and powerful, the CMS is very versatile and flexible.

So contact our website development company to discuss how Drupal can be helpful in your case or with your website idea!

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