Why Drupal should power your content-heavy website

Why Drupal should power your content-heavy website

More and more often, developers and users see that Drupal is arguably the most powerful CMS today. We have also repeatedly written about the benefits of Drupal for your business. Indeed, it is a perfect solution for any type of websites as the Drupal community provides great improvements for educational websites, takes care of your website’s security, makes your e-commerce user-friendly, and more. There is a good reason why many of the largest companies use Drupal to power their websites, as the platform is still going strong and is one step ahead of its opponents in terms of integration, functionality and security. Today, we’re going to continue to talk about Drupal biggest strengths, particularly for content-heavy websites.

Reasons to choose Drupal for content-heavy sites

Reliable open source platform

Being open source is one of the strongest benefits of Drupal. The core software along with a great number of contributed modules and themes are free. For example, let’s say you run a powerful news website, which is filled with new, varied information, every day or even every hour. Open source will help reduce web development costs, as usually creating a large-scale project requires significant cost both in time and money. You can modify the code to meet all the user requirements and code a patch for Drupal and fix any bug (which are common for sites with lots of content).

Large flexibility

To be powerful and flexible at the same time, to manage both simple blogs and complex, heavy-content websites, is another big advantage of Drupal. Therefore, the owners of online courses in programming, of foreign languages lessons and of self-development trainings can rest easy, as Drupal is armed with CCK, or a content construction kit. This helps you have full control over content, whether it's videos, podcasts, or e-books. It is worth revisiting and highlighting a variety of user-contributed modules that give you the opportunity to implement very specific functionality without having to write custom code. If still necessary, Drupal development specialists can quickly and easily write a custom code and add a new feature to your website. In general, Drupal is able to cover all of the user’s needs when creating a web project.

Content arrangement

It is likely that you have a large site with a constant flow of visitors, who you provide with bulk information. That’s great! But how to organize all this important and useful content and make it easy to find? There are several ways to accommodate and organize your content in Drupal (articles, publications, videos, infographics, case studies, guides, etc.) — with the help of URL, taxonomy, tags and custom lists. The Drupal database allows you to sort features thanks to its easily applicable module system, with no need to add a great amount of custom code for building the library you dream of.

Responsive design

The days when desktop computers were the only way to get access to the Internet are gone. Today, people use screens and devices of many types to find any information on web in any format (audios, videos, images, etc.) It would seem hard to find the necessary information using a small smartphone, but the web developers have nothing to worry about.

Drupal is mobile-ready and fully responsive, right out of the box. If you are, for example, a photographer and create your own web page on Drupal, your portfolio with its incredible, impressive photos can automatically adapt to every screen type. As mobile gains popularity, a variety of mobile devices opens new doors for successful marketing and encourages you to engage mobile users like never before. This is one of the smartest steps you should take with Drupal.

More speed, please

It’s logical to think that the more a website has in terms of multimedia content, the more slowly it loads. This is usually true, but not for Drupal. And it does not matter whether you have a simple blog or manage a powerful movie site. The platform is considered to be one of the fastest CMS’s out there. It is good for SEO, as fast Drupal websites offer obvious advantages, such as an increasing number of happy visitors and high rankings in SERP.

Drupal security

Security is the aspect where Drupal absolutely triumphs over all other CMS. This is particularly important for sites with a large number of diverse content, complex taxonomy and many regular visitors. For instance, the White House decided to use Drupal for its website for a reason. Unlike other CMS, Drupal was designed with security in mind. Its built-in security is extremely strong and fresh installation includes features which protect your web page from cyber attacks. In addition to that, Drupal also has a dedicated security team and one of the largest communities in the world who ensure a quick response to security issues. As a result, many heavy-content sites with extreme security concerns are built using Drupal.

You can see that we are moving into an era where your CMS no longer points out the way your site runs. Drupal is a very flexible framework and can meet all your requirements for every specific project. As clients, you are free to use whichever you are most comfortable with. To be sure, your huge, heavy-content website is in good hands, rely on Drupal and InternetDevels Drupal web agency!

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