The benefits of Drupal 8 for your business

The benefits of Drupal 8 for your business

As an experienced Drupal development company, we can estimate all Drupal’s features based on our experience. This CMS accommodates to the modern world’s needs and becomes more and more up-to-date. We are especially pleased by its latest release, and want to share our pleasure with you. Recently, the eighth version has celebrated its birthday, and we posted our best selection of Drupal 8 articles to mark this date. Although it is young, it has many improvements and new useful features. Today we are going to focus on the business aspect. If you are a businessperson or your company’s web resource owner, what benefits will ‘the eight’ give you? What will it help you gain? What marketing qualities does it add? We’ll answer these questions below.

Acquire mobile responsivity!

If you care about customer loyalty and are focused on widening your audience, you must go mobile, as now people are surfing the web mainly through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. To fit into any screen size, your site needs a responsive web design. Drupal 8 has responsive themes that can be easily customized and are able to work across all mobile platforms. So, if you want to deliver rich mobile experiences to your users, you should choose this CMS.

Speed up!

You can benefit from the increased page load speed, which improves rankings on Google SERP. Once a website’s page is viewed by users, the content does not need to be reloaded again and again each time. Caching is totally automatic once the settings are arranged. All the content that was previously viewed immediately loads away from the cache.

One more reason why D8 performs faster than D7 is that it send smaller bits of information and JavaScript code on every page, and only those that are required at the moment. For you, it means that our developing team can read and extend code in less time.

Become more secure!

Make your site more hack proof. Symfony PHP and Twig template engine, included in the eighth release, provide better security. It’s possible to eliminate the code that can store passwords or disfigure the site. D8 also prevents hackers from abusing the theme layer and getting into the company’s database. In addition, this software remains an open source, so, threats are detected and solved more quickly than in paid platforms.

Enjoy performance and scalability!

Drupal 8 is complex, interactive and customizable. These features would normally have a bad impact on the performance. However, thanks to smart caching, it runs on lower hardware specifications, which allows it to handle considerable amounts of traffic. This gives it an advantage over other systems.

The eighth version has the best automated testing system ever, which contributes to its performance and security boosts. The Drupal community built simple tests, including PHP unit tests and integration tests, for every bug which was previously fixed. The fixes are executed once the automated test is run. You may be sure that the bug won't come back.

Currently, Drupal 8 is used by lots of big and small organizations all over the world. It can join your company too at any stage of your adaptation to new trends. It will scale according to your ambitions, enabling you to achieve your business goals.

Stay integrated!

Drupal 8 is a great platform for content management and digital experience management as well. It can easily integrate with your current and future digital technologies, which matters a lot in marketing nowadays. This gives you freedom and flexibility to choose which technologies to implement, e.g., marketing automation or e-mail marketing software to stay in touch with your consumers. D8 is also a powerful tool for customer relationship management (CRM) and has social networking integration.

Speak your mother tongue!

Built-in user interfaces are designed to be easily adopted to any language. Its multilingual features give fast and effortless translations. Also, it can support your business processes about translation and localization, like integration with external translation service providers.

Stand out from your competitors!

Drupal 8 core was created to make your website unique. It gives you the freedom to make decisions about the overall look of the site. It offers cutting edge design with plug-ins, tools and adding features, which your customers won’t be able to find somewhere else on your competition’s web resources.

As a business owner, you are probably thinking of improving your web resource, of tightening connections with clients, and of maximizing your profits. With a great community behind it, Drupal 8 is able to meet all your online marketing demands. Thus, migrating to D8 is an important investment, which guarantees a considerable online presence for your business and an enhanced user experience. Our web development services company is eager to help you enjoy all benefits of Drupal 8.

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