Collection of some useful Drupal 8 modules in 2017

Collection of some useful Drupal 8 modules in 2017

Our tradition of presenting you short overviews of several modules of the month continues with today’s article. Previously we offered you some great contributed Drupal 8 modules in June 2016 a collection of modules in May 2016. In 2017 we published some modules, with the latest available release for Drupal 8 scheduled for the beginning of this year.


With this module, you can add tokens that are not supported by fields, other core elements and user interface for browsing them. This module is required for the Pathauto module. Applying both of them allows you to get the path alias of a formed URL to the current node in Drupal and control how it forms the URL using text, taken from a pattern as assisted by the token.


The Pathauto module allows you get SEO-friendly URLs for any site page. There is no need to manually specify the path and URL alias, as this module produces them automatically for different content types: taxonomy terms, nodes and users. These aliases are based on a "pattern" system, which uses tokens that commonly copy the the content page topic or article’s title, and which can be changed by the admin. So, together with a Token, these two key modules are important for further extending the functionality of the URL paths and aliases.


The Diff module helps you notice changes. It is used for adding a tab for users who don’t have sufficient permissions. They are able to see all revisions of ebook page versions in this tab as well as all words and phrases that were added, changed or deleted between revisions.

Views Slideshow

This module creates slideshows of images or any other type of content from Views. The module is able to be customized easily. It allows you to select settings for each View that you have created in your slideshow.

Flex Slider

This module serves for integration the Flex Slider library with Drupal and some contributed modules, enabling you to create responsive slideshows, which automatically adapts to different sizes of device screens or browser windows. Flex Slider provide you with configurable slide animations, multiple sliders per page and much more.


With the help of the Superfish module you are able to integrate the jQuery plugin called Superfish with your Drupal 8 menus. It allows you to add some "splash" to Drupal menus almost effortlessly.


The Simplenews module helps you easily and quickly inform many people at once by sending e-mails to a mailing list or lists of those who have subscribed to your newsletters. Those lists may consist of both authenticated and anonymous users.


The Webform module best suits those who need many flexible and customizable webforms on the sites built on Drupal. It supports contest, petition or contact webforms to be filled out by the site visitors. The latest 8.x-5.x version offers a new approach to form problem solving. It provides you with object oriented design patterns, extendable plugins, computerized tests and more.


You can use this module to avoid submissions to your webforms by spambots. It provides different challenge-response tests, allowing you to identify whether a human or a bot is taking some actions online.

We hope our list of 2017 modules is useful for you and you’ll apply some of them on your Drupal website. If you need experienced developers, we offer our help.

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