June 2016 collection: some useful contributed modules for Drupal 8

June 2016 collection: some useful contributed modules for Drupal 8

It’s summertime, but tireless Drupal developers are as active as ever in bringing Drupal 8 to perfection — it looks like the sun gives them the energy! Each day, they are making the latest major version of this famous site-building framework more and more ready for any kinds of complicated projects.

A month ago, we offered you to check out a bunch of great contributed modules for Drupal 8 in May. The first summer month has been just as interesting! So make yourself comfortable and enjoy our overview of some great contributed Drupal 8 modules of the June “collection” that we have picked for you.

Some awesome Drupal 8 modules

The Better Exposed Filters module is meant to improve user experience by providing a more customized and refined search for your Drupal 8 website. It offers the use of checkboxes, radio buttons, links, description fields, and the “Select all” and “Select none” options in the exposed filters. This is much more advanced and convenient than the default Views single- or multi-select boxes.

With the help of the SMTP Authentication Support module, Drupal can send mail directly to an outside SMTP server, for example, Gmail, bypassing the PHP mail() function. This module supports SMTP authentication. It also can connect to servers via SSL.

Here is a very nice module because it helps you create really nice menus for your Drupal 8 website. You can choose three menu types: horizontal drop-down menus, vertical menus flying to the left, and vertical menus flying to the right.

Check out this useful file uploader and browser which supports personal folders and directories. It offers basic file operations like uploading or deleting, basic image operations like resizing or creating thumbnails, configurable upload limits according to user roles, and many other features.

The FileField Sources module is an extension to the FileField module. While FileField lets you upload files from a PC via a CCK field, FileField Sources expands this ability. With it, you can transfer files from remote servers, select files uploaded with IMCE, attach server-side files uploaded with FTP and more.

The mission of the Libraries API module is to connect other Drupal modules or themes to a repository of external libraries, which you can download and install in a folder at sites/all/libraries or sites/ It offers library classification, library version detection, an easier upgrade process for modules requiring external libraries and many other benefits.

The module Menu Block expands the Drupal 8 core functionality for creating configurable blocks of menu links. With it, you can not only display blocks of menu links starting with any level and limited to any depth, but also expand all menu links with children or to root the menu tree to a specific menu item.

Hope you enjoyed our June selection of contributed modules for Drupal 8. Let the new Drupal version rock!

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