The difficulties facing digital marketing agencies

The difficulties facing digital marketing agencies

If you are working in the digital marketing sphere, which has a complicated and scalable structure, then you might face some difficulties. You might have read about us at If you haven’t, you should know that digital marketing agencies are included into our list of clients. We are eager to help them, and we have plenty of experience in such cooperation. If you are a digital marketer, this article might be useful for you. We know your desires, needs, problems, and ways to cope with them. Now we are going to mention the difficulties marketing agencies are facing most often. Read to check whether you have the same issues, and find out what we can do for you.

Challenges digital marketing agencies are facing when they seek:

  • Top talents

From attracting the candidates to assessing them for the right skills and knowledge, searching for the ideal worker could take months or more. The employers are looking for people with diverse and even opposite skill sets — technical and creative. Also, the increase in remote workers have caused an increase in people with a poor work ethic and low willingness to learn new skills. Here-today-gone-tomorrow freelancers are not reliable.


Make deals with web shops because they value their reputation, care about maintaining it, and are thus more responsible compared to freelancers. Another reason is that you’ll gain a whole team of different talents under the same roof. For example, our web development company can offer you the professional help of developers, web designers, QA testers, SEO people and more. Teamwork, which includes meetings, discussions, sharing ideas and experiences, leads to a fruitful job. Moreover, when one developer needs a day-off, he can be easily substituted with another dev. The organization's priority is to fulfill tasks in any circumstances. The more large-scale a web agency is, the more it is interested in making its clients and partners satisfied, because, again, customer reviews affect the reputation created over the years.

When looking for talents, you must also be concerned with how to save your budget and improve ROI (return on investment) rates. Look for a web development agency that charges lower prices, while still maintaining a high quality of code. How is this possible? Read about it, our article along with the other reasons to work with a Ukrainian web development outsourcing company. Also, take a look at some statistics, explaining why you should outsource to Ukraine. If you have just started your business, we have 9 reasons to outsource your start-up.

One more possible way to get developer’s work done for you, besides freelancers and outsourcing companies, is to hire staff members. However, digital marketing companies usually don’t have enough work to provide them with enough activity, as digital marketers’ main function and aim concerns marketing and promoting their clients’ products and services, but not coding. Some legislative issues can also cause additional difficulties.

So hiring an outsourced web development company seems to be the best option in looking for top talents. When you’re hiring overseas, the first decision you need to make is whether you’re going to have your developers work together in one place (office based) or whether they’ll work remotely. This complete guide to outsourcing (from Time Doctor) will tell you more about how to properly outsource your startup and reduce costs.

  • Dedication and task focus

Do you want to work with people who completely grasp your agency’s specifics, respect your values and priorities, and can adapt themselves to them? Of course, you do. However, it’s quite challenging to find those workers. You may gather a development team in your town or country and locate it in your office, but you’ll risk facing the same legislative and other staff issues mentioned above. Is it possible to outsource and get the same feeling as if you work with these people as members of your main team?


A dedicated team model is a solution. Comparing with a project team, people, working dedicated for you are 100% task focused, concentrating on your project alone for a long-lasting, mutually determined period. During this time, they gain thorough knowledge of your agency’s strategies and acquire a deep understanding of your business goals. Moreover, if you wish, they can become an integral part of your marketing agency. This helps the team to achieve maximum efficiency in the working process and speed up the project life cycle.

  • Awareness of the current trends

As Heraclitus said, the only thing that is constant is change. We are living in the age of rapidly developing technologies. An ability to keep up with the pace of change is highly important, and determines your ability to win a competition.

If you are a digital marketer then you should keep up with trends regarding advertising, mass media, social media, user interface design, user experience design and much more. You should keep abreast of new technology and be aware of what has appeared in the digital market — for example, what new criteria were included in search engine algorithms, what new tools for web analytics became available, and so on. You should know with what possibilities these new things can provide you and your clients in order to benefit from them. The most challenging thing to follow is new computer programs, modules, plug-ins with all their versions, updates, upgrades, additions and extensions.


The people who really know the particulars of the latest information and software technologies are web developers. When you hire a development team, you can take advantage of its deep understanding of technical issues and evaluating skills. This allows them to choose the right technologies and integrate them into client solutions to achieve marketing goals.

Professional web shops are always interested in delivering modern solutions. They are permanently monitoring and summing-up the trends that dominated in the previous year and making forecasts for the upcoming year. For instance, we did so with web design trends 2015, e-commerce trends in 2017 and others. We also are writing many posts devoted to each novelty separately, describing it in detail. Almost every professional web development company has a blog on its official site, because it’s important to increase people’s awareness about trends in order to make them true.

Also, after working for some time, serious web development companies regularly analyze technologies that they have implemented, make conclusions based on experiences, keep statistics, sign achievements, form goals and objectives for the future, publish reports, and continue striving for perfection and development. You can see, as an example, our 2015 and 2016 wrap-ups.

There are too many issues, difficulties and problems to cover them all; we mentioned only the main ones. So please share with us things you are worrying about. We’ll offer your digital marketing agency the solutions, adapting to your goals and values and to current trends, if you choose us as partners. Our dedicated team is waiting for your project to start a fruitful cooperation.

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