Reasons to work with a Ukrainian web development outsourcing company

Reasons to work with a Ukrainian web development outsourcing company

"It’s an investment in what I call the ‘New Ukraine’ – Ukrainians who are young, well-educated, and eager for their country to break from the past and to build an open society…”
George Soros

So what makes billionaire George Soros so optimistic about Ukraine’s IT sector? Read on to find it out and learn what makes Ukraine so attractive as a web development outsourcing country.

Ukraine is famous for its professional developers and has gained a great reputation in the IT world. Despite some negative factors like the military conflict in Ukraine’s East, as well as remaining corruption problems, Ukrainian developers are always in high demand overseas. The IT outsourcing sphere has been immune to these factors. Why?

Most customers know that Ukrainian IT companies are situated in other regions, away from the localized conflict. Business life in all these regions goes in the usual way.

Lots of programs have been implemented to eradicate corruption, and they are starting to make an impact. Besides, by outsourcing your web development to Ukraine, you are working with Ukrainian web development outsourcing companies directly. The coast is clear! Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies value their reputation on the world market, they are reliable, responsible, and have long-standing traditions.

So why is outsourcing to Ukraine a good idea?

Signals from the leaders: giants like George Soros invest in Ukraine’s IT

Wise billionaires have a great intuition that never fails them! IIn November 2015, George Soros bought a large stake in a Ukrainian web development outsourcing company, Ciklum.

Another great case from 2015: the Ukrainian start-up Depositphotos raised $4 million from EBRD and $1 from TMT Investments.

These are the most prominent examples of a number of recent investments into the Ukrainian IT sphere, and are great signals for new customers and investors. We are moving in the right direction!

Ukraine’s IT life is in full swing

The country’s IT pulse is high! Ukrainians are organizing big IT conferences and camps, bringing in famous foreign speakers to share their knowledge. Lots of IT startups are appearing. There are almost 100,000 developers and 1,000 IT companies in the country.

To develop IT education, big foundations like Brainbasket implement educational programs like “Technology Nation”, “Coding of the future”, “Hour of code” and many others. Besides, the Ukrainian government’s has an initiative to teach web development at school computer science lessons and grow young gurus while they are still kids!

Reasonable prices with the excellent quality of code

This is an unquestionable benefit of outsourcing web development to Ukraine. As compared to western ones, they charge lower prices, while the code quality is on the same high level. Why is this? The cost of living in Ukraine is lower. Average wages in other industries are considerably lower than those in the IT sphere. So web development outsourcing is a win-win solution both for Ukrainian developers and for western customers.

Strong higher education: a great base for work

Most Ukrainian developers have higher education, the most popular areas being math, physics, and engineering. This helps web developers solve complex technical issues.

Ukraine’s universities have always been famous for giving a very solid education based on the best traditions. Today, new approaches are added to these traditions to make an awesome combination.

Convenient location and shared values

Ukraine’s advantages compared to Asia are clear. Being situated in the center of Europe, Ukraine is just a few hours flight away from European countries and is also easily accessible from the US. The time difference is almost unnoticeable for Europe, and is much more convenient for the US than Asia. Also, a shared mentality, similar mindset, and similar holidays make working together easier.

A creative approach and unconquerable optimism

Ukrainians always do their job with a creative touch and non-standard thinking. They are able and willing to deliver interesting solutions, share their own opinion and advise you what will work best for your project. Besides, the pleasure they take in the job, their joy for life and sense of humor, as well as their ability to stay optimistic in any circumstance are all things that will certainly make your cooperation better.

When it comes to outsourcing web development, InternetDevels Drupal development agency is one of the market leaders with 8 years of experience. So, if we have convinced you, and you are ready to outsource your web development to Ukraine, contact us and tell us about your project. If you still are hesitating, contact us anyway, and we will do our best to resolve your doubts. Here’s where we are waiting to hear from you!

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