9 reasons to outsource your start-up — presentation

9 reasons to outsource your start-up — presentation

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You start your project and are awared about running it successfully? There are more issues than victories? Your team is you and as a maximum 1-3 your close friends? Oh, you have much in common with Opera, MySQL, Skype or GitHub. They also started as small ideas. How have they managed? Due to outsourcing and clear vision for web development. Therefore, let’s take a look at the reasons to outsource start-up for you.

Day has only 24 hours

I do not know any startuper who works in shifts, perhaps, only an experienced business shark. Mainly when you start your own project, you dedicate to it as much time, as possible. You do not count - your goal is behind your eyes, and you need to achieve it. Therefore, many startupers are burnt. They just cannot track their project because they are enough of it. Outsourcing helps to accelerate the process, sharing some tasks with an experienced team in order not to overload yourself. Your startup will launch on time, even if you have just 24 hours in a day.

You have skills and insight but not professionalism

This is a problem of many startupers - they want to do everything by themselves. However, frequently it requires deep knowledge. As a result, startupers are concentrated on learning and performing every technical task in their project instead of managing it. When you hire an expert developer, you do not need to become a professional in every process related to your startup. Experts will do that for you. Your resources are limited. Especially when you do not have a proper person in your staff, this will play in your hands. Outsourcing is not a magic, but it will help you to save different resources, not only humans and time. You do not have to extend your project - just outsource what you need.

You do not hold the innovations

Mainly, startup is an innovation by its nature. However, except of that, it requires to consider many other innovations that flow every day. People who work in one direction, mainly follow all trends and know how to perform their tasks better. As a result, you will accompany your startup with novelties and tools that are in tune with time or even outstrip it.

You can invest in order to get return

It’s a core of every startup. Sometimes people try not to spend much money - and they win. However, mainly startup requires initial investment. It may be your own money or credit, or grant. Therefore, when you hire an outsourced team, you invest in their work - and get return faster, as far as their work is mainly more qualitative and does not require so much time. Moreover, outsourcing is cheaper than staff.

You need tools and techniques to facilitate the process

Outsourced team mainly knows all software that is related to its job. They know how to build a website better than you. They know how to collect statistics or run QA tests. They already own all techniques and tools that are significant. For you, it may take ages to master the same.

Fresh view is always appreciable

It’s a dogma. If you have your startup, you are already a stakeholder, you have your own interest to develop it. Therefore, you are biased by your own ideas and vision. When you outsource people, you get a team that may see your project for the first time. You get a fresh blood, for sure they will bring new ideas into it and will help you also to see something you did not notice before.

Track your project more productively

When you rely on only your own, frequently you do not manage the process well. However, when other people are engaged, you become more responsible about your project. Startups win when they outsource - they start to be planned and managed more productively.

Get unbiased consulter

You can talk with outsourcing developers and ask them about consultations. Mainly, outsourced professionals are not interested to adulate you - they will tell what is nice or bad from their perspective. You can engage them and get nice consulters.

These are the main reasons to outsource, but for sure advantages are not limited to these points. Try outsourcing - and you will add much more onto this list from your own experience.

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