Web Design Trends 2015 - Infographics

Web Design Trends 2015 - Infographics

Fast changing technologies do not leave a chance to web development services which have lived out their lives. Large images, responsive design, animation and clickable pages – which options still keep popular this year and which will become the issue of nasty taste? Let’s take a look on web design trends 2015.

Simplifying and making faster

Due to the huge amount of information that everyone receives daily, people become more and more impatient. 2 of 4 uses will close a page, if it opens longer than 4 seconds.

The same is related to very complicated websites. Web design needs to take into account: if a client reaches significant information in four or five clicks – he or she is very persistent. Mainly they give up quicker, going to your competitors.

Therefore, minimalism becomes stronger web development trend. While in 2014 you still could find fussy websites with many options, 2015 have forgot about them.

Adopt to smartphone first

In 2014 the number of people, who reach websites with mobile phones, overcame traditional users. Web design services have to be concentrated on the representation of website on different devices - mobile web development is a new trend. Moreover, different apps instead of simple mobile versions of websites confidently conquer their nishe: it becomes more popular to create a new product than adopt previous one.

Large images are crucial

This web design trend of previous year will become even stronger in 2015. More and more websites are concentrated on background images that attract client’s attention – the majority of people in the world are visuals. Large images as a part of design – and you are more than stylish. This also causes another web design trend: death of pixels, that are replaced with qualitative vector images. And sometimes even with nice videos instead of simple picture.

Orientation on user experience

Significant role in the success of a web product is played by user’s attitudes and expectations that were fixed previously, while using other websites and apps. This user experience has to be encountered while offering a client something new. The iteration of popular approaches and web design are now new old trends.

One-page websites VS. card design

Therefore, many websites rely on the love of scrolling expressed by the majority of users. Instead of clicks, modern designers prefer long scrolling – and not only vertical one, but horizontal, diagonal – whatever you want. Sometimes they even create one-page websites, where the only action you perform is scrolling down. Fonds, frames and many clicks retired for now.

On the other hand, responsive web design dictates its own rules, and modular design, grids become the new trend also. These two types of websites occupy strong positions.

Animation and infographics

It seems to be clear: more interactive is a website – more time a person will spend on it. Web developers try to involve users as much as possible, offering them different animation and making their experience on website more interesting.

Vibrant and flat look

Classic white and black are still in use, however, people pay more and more attention to expressive, vibrant websites. Both with that, flat design changes dimensional complicated figures - friendly UI design is a new trend.

Direct mail and notifications like on app instead of social media

This new web design trend seems to be not strong for now, but we need to pay attention to it. While earlier people were concentrated on their representation on social media, now they think about the number of clients, who will be covered with their ads. As a result, everything falls back into its roots: direct mails remain the most reliable ways of client’s engagement.

Moreover, some people think that in future websites will be equipped with notifications like on app instead of social media panel.

Therefore, you will not lose choosing minimalistic web design, scrolling, large images, animation and making your websites fast and adaptive – these are the new trends of 2015 followed by people all over the world.

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