Why outsource to Ukraine

Why outsource to Ukraine

Why outsource to Ukraine

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Outsourcing has now become an integral part of global IT sphere. Companies thrive on gaining more by better resource allocation. There is plenty of agencies to help out with that all over the world, so the choice might sometimes be not so easy. As InternetDevels company also deals with outsourcing web development, we’ve decided to make a brief research of Ukraine as an outsourcing partner. And here’s what we can tell!

Reasons To Start Outsourcing To Ukraine

1. Ukraine has highly developed IT market

Ukrainian IT specialists work with a wide range of technologies and software. You can find a professional to perform any kind of task here - web development (ROR, Drupal, .NET, WordPress etc.), support, assurance testing services, PM, design… Anything you need to complete your project.

2. Strong educational base

When you want to outsource some work to another company, it's quite natural to worry about the qualification of staff working there. Higher education in Ukraine has gained international recognition and there are quite a lot of IT talents in the country.

3. Attractive prices and low taxes

The qualification of Ukrainian IT specialists is high, and the rates are much lower than in Western Europe and USA. Moreover, the income taxes in Ukraine are quite low. All this allows to reduce overall project cost significantly.

4. Convenient time zone

Working hours in Ukraine almost always match those in Northern America. And if we’re talking about Western Europe, the working hours here are almost the same. This allows convenient communication between the teams working on the project to ensure everything runs smoothly and tackle arising difficulties in time.

5. Large number of certified IT specialists

From year to year, Ukraine is included to the list of countries with the greatest amount of certified IT staff. During the last two years, Ukraine occupies the second place in this list. There’s only US and India who have more.

6. NDA? It’s OK!

Due to Ukrainian legal base, it’s quite easy to sign NDA and other documents needed for clients’ security. It is cool when you don’t have to worry about the security of your projects’ information, isn’t it?

7. A wide choice of outsourcing providers

There’s a plenty of IT companies in Ukraine and more than half of them allow collaboration on outsourcing basis. So you’ll have a really wide choice of companies matching all the criteria you would like.

Here’s just a brief list of Ukraine’s advantages as an outsourcing destination. So if you happen to start outsourcing your work to someone, consider Ukraine :)

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