InternetDevels: 2015 wrap-up — infographics

InternetDevels: 2015 wrap-up — infographics

InternetDevels: 2015 wrap-up — infographics

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2015 has been rich in events, accomplishments, journeys, discoveries, and much more. However, sometimes figures speak louder than words. No doubt, all drupalers love exact science. So we’ve decided to do a little wrap-up with figures from the year that has just come to its end. An awesome year with awesome figures for InternetDevels Drupal Development Company! Let's dive into some Drupal arithmetic :)

Cool Drupal events organized: 15

Organizing Drupal events is one of our great passions. We’ve done a lot this year! 6 Drupal Tours, 2 Symfony Cafés, 2 IT Cafés, 1 IT Day, 3 Drupal8 release parties, and, of course, one unforgettable Lviv Euro DrupalCamp! This has been a responsible, challenging, but very pleasant mission.

Ukrainian cities drupalized: 6

Special attention should be given to Drupal Tours, our cool rides through Ukrainian cities with interesting Drupal meetups. This year, we have visited the cities of Ternopil, Khmelnytskiy, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Rivne, and Lviv. They will surely remember us!

Big international Drupal events sponsored & visited: 4

There are big days in every year when drupalers from across the globe get together for international conferences. We’ve been sponsors and attendees of DrupalCon LosAngeles, DrupalCon Barcelona, Drupal Developer Days in Montpellier, as well as sponsors of Midcamp in Illinois.

Employees added: +35%

We keep growing and welcoming new cool drupalers to our team. Not just Drupal developers but also UX and UI designers, testers, managers and many other great guys and girls. This year, our team has grown by 35%. And we don’t want to stop there!

New offices in other cities opened: 1

No distance can stop real drupalers from working together. We already had 2 offices, in the cities of Lutsk and Lviv. This year, the city of Rivne has become the newest location on the InternetDevels map. And our new Rivne office really rocks!

Affiliated companies founded: 1

In 2015, we started a very promising project — the Drupal website support service DruDesk. Its mission — making all kinds of fixes and improvements for Drupal websites — proved very popular among clients. So from a small team, DruDesk has grown into a large company working in close cooperation with InternetDevels.

New developers taught by our OxIT school: 32

We welcome young people’s dreams to become web developers. So we founded a special school for those who want to learn web development from scratch. Now, our new specialists are ready to start conquering the world!

Areas with improved expertise: 8

Many say “the law of life is constant development.” If it’s about web development, yes, one should always strive for perfection :) Here’s a list of main areas in which we have been polishing our skills: Drupal development, Symfony development, UX design, UI design, QA testing, Drupal hosting, Drupal support and maintenance, SEO. See our web development services for more details.

Joy shared and received: unlimited

Everything we do, we do it with joy. You can always feel it — at our parties, conferences, reports, sprints, flash mobs, charity events, and more. Want to find out for yourself? Join us next time! And if you want to feel the joy and happiness that comes from getting the website you’ve always dreamt of, hire our Drupal developers. Let’s make 2016 even more awesome!

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