OxIT Web Development School in Lutsk: a chance for young Ukrainian talents!

OxIT Web Development School in Lutsk

Maybe a few years ago it was possible to imagine a good company without its own website, but today it is a nonsense. Web development services are in huge demand. The lucky ones who know how to build websites will always be provided with well-paid and interesting jobs. Where and how to learn the necessary skills?

A great chance to become a web developer today!

Ukraine is rising as a mighty IT country with a lot of brilliant developers. Some talents just need to be given a chance. That’s why OxIT Programming School was opened in Lutsk, a West-Ukrainian city with great IT potential.

OxIT Programming School welcomes anyone, with just one limitation: students cannot be younger than 16-17 years. Classes are held by a developer with many years of experience and a pedagogical education. He is an active member of Lutsk IT cluster and a team lead of a successful team and his name is Ivan Tibezh. Ivan has plenty of knowledge to share with the audience. And he also knows how to explain complicated things in a clear and simple way.

From zero to hero!

We teach website development from scratch. Excuses like “I do not understand anything in IT” are no longer accepted. Or, better to say, “objection denied”. The most successful people once started from zero. And not all of them were lucky to have teachers ready to share their valuable experience. So, if today your level is zero, then perhaps tomorrow the new knowledge you will add zeros to your future wages. Doesn’t it sound nice?

What is taught at OxIT web development courses?

We teach such important things as website creation from scratch, layout and HTML markup according to modern standards, PHP programming from scratch, working with databases through the example of MySQL, working with JavaScript and jQuery, and much more. Right after the end of the course, students will be able to create small websites.

Welcome to the modern and real IT world!

Our web development courses are based on experience with real web projects and latest IT technologies (OOP, LESS/SASS, the use of modern design patterns, etc.). Having acquainted themselves with various technologies, students can decide in which direction to move (back-end, front-end, CMS, pure code, etc.). And the teacher will help them in this.

Cascade system — from the simple to the complex

OxIT website development courses are taught according to the “cascade” system — from simple to more complex topics, in combination with studying related topics. And we always enhance the knowledge with practice.

No boring lessons, but a lot of interesting practice

Interesting practical tasks, relevant tips, a funny and friendly IT atmosphere — that’s exactly what one needs for a great "start". Nearby, in the same office, experienced Drupal developers create websites for clients around the world. Let it also be an inspiration for OxIT School students!

Real jobs are closer than ever

All practical assignments at OxIT web programming courses make up a single project that a student can show to his potential employer. In addition, IT companies are looking for talents, so they can offer a job to a student right now or include him in the database of potential staff for the future.

How long do the courses last, and when are they held?

Web programming courses last 1.5 months and consist of 12 lessons. The first group has already started its studies, and now the second group of tireless and energetic future IT specialists is being formed. And that's just the beginning!

How to register for web development courses?

Potential students are welcome to use the registration form on the official website of OxIT School (which there is also a great opportunity to ask questions to the teacher online). The mission of the OxIT School is to grow future IT gurus right here and right now. The mission has started successfully, so let’s move on! :)

OxIT Web Development School in Lutsk

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