DrupalTour Zhytomyr

DrupalTour Zhytomyr

Spring time is just perfect for Drupal rides! The weather is great, Drupal developers are in the good mood and Drupal-van shines in the bright sun… So we decided to make a ride to Zhytomyr. And it turned out to be awesome!

We had to leave Lutsk at 7:30 AM to arrive to Zhytomyr in time. Getting up at 6 on Saturday morning is not so easy, by the way! But we actually had no other options and the trip to Zhytomyr was worth it :)

We couldn’t wait till the event starts, so hurried to Yurish Pub right after arriving to Zhytomyr. And there truly was so much to be done — set up the equipment, unpack the presents for visitors and simply grab a bite (yes, we’re human too ;) ).

DrupalTour Zhytomyr cups

But let’s get down to the main part — to reports! The first one was Sergiy Skripchuk telling about Drupal Commerce. The report dealt with basics of Commerce and, in fact Sergiy told, how to create the backend of an e-Commerce Drupal website.

DrupalTour Zhytomyr report

Starting from the first report, we were impressed by the audience’s engagement. People were sharing their experience, asking questions, which turned into vivid discussions, so it was truly a great pleasure to meet all those awesome guys.

DrupalTour Zhytomyr audience

The second report was delivered by Ivan Tibezh. He was telling about Entity API module and spheres of its usage.

DrupalTour report

A lot of questions at this DrupalTour dealt with optimization: how and in which cases should it be performed. So our third reporter, Dmitry Kihah, was telling about this! It was the case, when the answers to questions come like a magic :)

DrupalTour Zhytomyr report

The event finished with a nice after-party at the same place. It was really enjoyable, and we want to say thanks to all visitors. You all are just awesome! This DrupalTour’s atmosphere was remarkable because of each of your contribution. We’ll be happy to meet you again someday!

Our next tour will visit Rivne, and it’ll be very soon: on May, 23rd. See you there!

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