DrupalTour Rivne

DrupalTour Rivne

Any morning starting with DrupalTour journey is great ;) Especially if the point of destination is only 70 km away. This time we visited Rivne, welcome on board!

We decided to slightly change the concept of the event. It’s much more convenient to communicate with visitors in the calm atmosphere of conference halls — we all can concentrate purely on reports and questions.

So we arrived to Rivne at about 11 AM and hurried to set everything up at Lublin conference hall. And that was right decision as the visitors from Rivne were truly an earlybirds — many of them have come at already 12-12:30 PM!

DrupalTour Rivne audience

The event hit off from the report by Ivan Tibezh. He guided our visitors to interesting world of Drupal 8. And they’ve enjoyed it!

DrupalTour reporter Ivan Tibezh

The second one was Olexander Kuzava. He explained the difference between front-end and back-end ways of performing the day-to-day web development tasks.

DrupalTour reporter Olexander Kuzava

The first two reports were of a technical kind, and the other two were interesting to a vaster audience. Like, for example, the report by Taras Romanchuk (told about behavior driven development). This info aims to help customer and development team understand each other better.

DrupalTour reporter Taras Romanchuk

And the last report dealt with SEO and Usability matters. There were two reporters: our SEO and usability superheroes! The topic they were telling about was interesting not just for developers, but also for website owners. People asked many questions and were eager to get to know more!

DrupalTour reporter Oleg Shihalov

The visitors were very active! And that’s really cool, when you feel that the work you do and the knowledge you share is appreciated. That’s why we brought some presents for the most active ones! 

DrupalTour presents for visitors

So the official part of the event has finished, and we decided to land in Irish Pub to communicate even more in nice and cozy atmosphere and great company :) After party was cool! But there’s nothing better than home. It was a long and productive day, and we got tired. Thanks to everyone, who has come to DrupalTour! It was a pleasure to meet all of you!

No time to relax, even at home! At June, 20th we’ll visit Lviv! Save the date in your calendar and come over ;)

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