Tips for cleaning up a website

Tips for cleaning up a website

Working in customer service requires an efficient and fast solution to the issues of each of our clients. Almost every day we deal with different projects and their specific problems. In this article, we'll cover some of the most common reasons for poor web performance and how to overcome them.

The most common website problems

Messy code

Messy code is the first reason that often slows page loading down. White spaces, empty new lines or unnecessary comments can make the stylesheet of the website larger in size. By removing those unnecessary elements, your code becomes much cleaner and files as compact as possible. This will improve your overall website speed. For this purpose, there are helpful online tools that can be used to minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes. If you are not sure whether your code is readable and maintainable, contact our Internetdevels website development services company, who will do it for you.


Most businesses are reasonably concerned about their website security. No wonder, given the high-profile data hacks that take place now. Many sites owners still use HTTP and don’t know that switching to HTTPS can provide better security. The privacy and inviolability of the transmitted data between users’ browser and your website are the main benefits from HTTPS. Additionally, by having HTTPS in the URL field for all pages that ask for sensitive information, you show customers that your website is secure. Without it, customers can leave your website to find someone more secure to interact with. When your users feel safe, they trust your web resource and are more loyal to your brand. So, if you do not yet use HTTPS, it’s high time to switch to it.

Broken links

Another common issue we often face is broken links. Clicking on a link that leads to an error page can be frustrating and annoying to readers. Some of the most important tasks are less about improving your site’s performance and more about ensuring that the user experience is strong. A broken link equals a poor user experience. It is important to ensure internally that all links are working, so update those you think may have recently changed, or remove any that may be linking to a deleted page. You can remove all invalid links on your website using a special program, or contact us. Our experts will find broken links and fix them.

Poor user experience on mobile devices

More than ever, now most users are using their mobile devices to browse websites since it’s more convenient and faster. Because of their small sizes, a web page looks different on a smartphone than it does on a bigger screen. In this case, responsive design matters and your site must display and work perfectly on all kinds of devices, including tablets, smartphone, laptops and desktop computers.

Faced with such problems, our clients lost many potential customers. That is why you should invest in mobile responsive design, so your visitors have a better user experience. With it, they will be more likely to stay on your website for longer.

Outdated website design

Web design trends change often enough. If your website has not been touched for years, it will look outdated and unprofessional. This sets your chances of attracting new customers to zero. Nobody will trust you if your website is difficult to navigate or find any information, or just looks terrible. It should reflect the credibility of your company and represent your brand in the most professional way. Therefore, you need to adhere to modern web design standards on your site if you want to convert visitors into customers. At Internetdevels, we also specialize in creating professionally designed web projects according to the latest web design trends.

Slow load web page speed

It often occurs that our customer has a website that takes a long time to load. To correct this problem, you need first find out what exactly is slowing your site down by using website speed testing tools. The first and most common cause of slow website response is server overload. This issue may also hide too many unnecessary images. Unlikely as it may seem, high resolution images are of little value. On the contrary, they can negatively influence the website load speed. This is a bit of a task, but you should find time to evaluate all the images on your website. Entrusting this task to the professionals of our team is the best option. They check if there are any of your images that should be compressed, deleted or updated, as well as solve server problems and ultimately improve the speed of your site.

No call to actions

A call to action is another crucial thing many website owners underestimate. Potential customers won’t take the next step if it is not clear. This makes them wonder if you want potential customers to buy your product or service at all. Usually, a call to action has an incentive attached for the customer to take the action, such as being able to subscribe to your newsletter or blog, download something or receive exclusive service or like/share the page with followers on social media. But it should not be too intrusive. Sometimes visitors find that this puts them off from the browsing experience and can cause them to leave your site altogether. With a relevant and valuable offer, you will be able to increase your key goals with minimal loss of customers.

Outdated content

Most businesses pay great attention to the reliability and relevance of the content provided on their sites. This is what tells your visitors who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. It is frustrating for users if they go to the website and don’t find what they are looking for. A lack of useful content, sales focused content, or old inaccurate content usually pushes them to go somewhere else to find their answer. Therefore, your site’s content should be provided with useful improvements and updates to be of current interest and attractive to customers.

Lack of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Users are well aware that the search engine is a reliable aid in any situation. It helps them find the necessary information on the Internet. Usually, people trust the sources that are at the top of the search. Low positions and, consequently, low traffic are a big problem for any site. The reason for this may be the lack of SEO optimization. In fact, this is a very effective way to promote a site in the result pages of various search engines. But remember that site can only be optimized by a specialist in SEO optimization.

No contacts

If you want customers to find you, make sure your address, phone number and office hours are clearly visible on your site. Some companies overlook this critical aspect. Too often, this information is hidden or completely absent. For them, such poor practice could be losing you leads and bookings without you even knowing it. Apart from making these contact details obvious and easy to get to, you can use a live chat option. This can be a great way to quickly convert requests into sales. Contact our Drupal development agency, and they can provide this useful option on your website.

The quicker you detect any big or small issues on your website, the less time and energy you will need to remedy this situation and make everything work well. It is always a good idea to refresh your website now and then and realize all your cool business ideas. Entrust our seasoned team with your website to accomplish tasks easily and quickly.

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