Team-building and Career Forum by InternetDevels & PM Business Solutions

Team-building and Career Forum by InternetDevels & PM Business Solutions

Build bridges, and your company’s fortress will be really strong. And Team-building and Career Forum will help you in it.

It’s a big joy to organize events with inspiration, and then see the tickets for them sell like hotcakes! A new, tasty “cake” is almost ready to be served to you — the Team-building and Career Forum! This year, our ConversionCon, BetWinCon, IT Sales&Marketing Summit, Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016, have been useful to those interested in Drupal and in the IT sphere as a whole, in website optimization, sales, promotion and more. And this is something that brings all industries together — the fact that behind every successful project, there is always a strong team.

Team-building and Career Forum: why it is worth visiting

So how to build a strong team, keep it motivated, increase your staff loyalty, reveal your employees’ best features or be an effective team member yourself? The Forum is meant to give answers to all these questions.

Why we are organizing it

We understand the importance of staff in a company’s work. Co-organizing our Team-building and Career Forum on October 29 is a chance to get this information from experts for our own use, as well as share it with the others. Double the joy!

Why Lviv

Holding conferences in Lviv is our tradition. It is both a beautiful city and an IT center. So double the joy again! You get new skills and can enjoy the fascinating surroundings. Modern topics for discussion and the ancient city’s secrets go well together to create an inspiring blend.

For IT, business and more

As stated above, Team-building and Career Forum is a conference for representatives of various businesses. The right team-building rules are applicable everywhere, aren’t they?

Who might be interested

Everyone who is working with teams directly, this conference is for you. CEOs, managers, team leads, HR specialists, and many others, you are most welcome! However, in the end, the conference is going to be useful to any employee, because the agenda also includes topics on self-positioning within a team.

What topics are to be discussed

We will talk about preventing conflicts and promoting cooperation within a team, growing leaders and stars, building a personal career in a company, developing personal leadership, gamification and facilitation as modern team-building tools, and much more. There will be not just theory, but lots of practical case studies, as well as discussions on how to implement it all at companies. See all topics in Ukrainian on the event’s official website.

Who the speakers will be

Certified coaches, experienced managers from Ukraine’s most renowned companies will share their own experience and personal achievements (“Ciklum”, “Vodafone”, “” and many more). The full list of speakers is available in Ukrainian here.

Who the organizers are

We know who to cooperate with when it comes to team-building issues! InternetDevels Drupal development company holds Team-building and Career Forum together with PM Business Solutions consulting company. After all, it makes sense to cooperate with a company that specializes in the event’s subject. And PM Business Solutions works in exactly this area, providing consulting services for companies on human resources management, marketing and business planning.

Time to build the best teams ever! Let the big construction works begin! ;)

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