The importance of improving mobile user experience

The importance of improving mobile user experience

If you’re running a business online, its success depends heavily on the site's performance. Since the competition between different brands is fierce, this means that your web resource should resonate with your audience and their needs. Today, this means focusing on a user experience and providing quality content that is available on all possible devices. Let’s find out what mobile UX is and why it matters for your company.

What is mobile UX?

Mobile user experience is not only about shrinking long texts, images and other graphics to fit a small mobile screen. There is also so much behind it, including taking into account the ease of usability that visitors experience when they browse your site from mobile.

Such improvements for mobile devices include adapting video for portrait orientation, offering alternative input mechanisms (video, voice, etc.), scrolling in one direction and others can help improve mobile UX.

Positive mobile UX comprises many factors, among which are functionality, value, adaptability, responsive navigation and design. Each of these influential constituents contributes to how functional your website would be to your users. In addition to this, developers have really great tools to make mobile web development easier and faster.

Why is mobile user experience so important?

Mobile UX isn’t just about creating a better user experience. It affects your brand reputation and customer retention. Here are the key reasons why mobile user experience is so valuable for business health:

  • Web users prefer mobile. People are now constantly using their phones for a variety of purposes, from chatting to ticket reservation, from shopping to service order, etc. Then, the question arises, “Why not to direct your attention to making your site mobile too?” If you plan on growing the number of clients you have, a mobile UX should be a part of your next business strategy. There's no time like the present to improve mobile user experience because technologies develop and change fast.
  • Search engine visibility. Mobile-friendliness is one of Google’s, the biggest search engine, ranking signs. On SERP, well-optimized websites for mobile devices hold much higher positions than those that are adapted for desktops only. In addition to this, Google indexes your site based on your mobile experience and the content that is on it, not your desktop experience as it has done historically. A poor mobile experience will result in lower engagement metrics and, consequently, lower search engine rankings. So, don’t lose a chance to reach the top positions of Google by investing in your mobile user experience.
  • Growth of mobile SEO. If you don’t have a good mobile site, you risk not only missing the opportunity for potentially rising in the rankings, but also the option to get more business thanks to mobile SEO. Also known as mobile optimization, mobile SEO gives your business the chance of showing up when web users browse through their mobile search results. Businesses, especially e-commerce companies, need to check out to what extent their websites are mobile-friendly. To make sure you're not turning potential mobile customers away, provide a great user experience by optimizing your site for mobile users first.

How to improve mobile user experience?

Companies across the globe are increasingly building mobile-first websites, rather than simply optimizing desktop versions. Indeed, having mobile UX in mind is one of the main elements of the modern web development.

Here are some tips to enhance mobile interactions and get as much attention as the UX of your desktop website:

  • make navigation easy and intuitive
  • optimize for speed
  • use short forms highlight your calls to action
  • add a search option
  • don’t use too many sizes
  • optimize your mobile site colors.

At InternetDevels, we follow the philosophy of mobile-first. Looking at the list of our web site development services, you can easily find mobile web design and development for existing or new websites. Please get in touch with our web design experts if you would like to discuss ways for improving mobile user experience, options for optimizing your website or building a new mobile one.

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