A handful of great tools for mobile web development

A handful of great tools for mobile web development

Smaller screens, bigger challenges? Though most developers would agree with this statement, developing with mobile users in mind is certainly worth it! Luckily, there are helpful tools that make mobile web development easier and more exciting, and shift the statement to “smaller screens, bigger opportunities!”.

Let’s view some of these tools right now. They offer different approaches and are good for different purposes. Choose which ones suit your project.

Some good tools that help in mobile web development

With the marvelous Marvel tool, you can create prototypes of mobile apps and web projects. You can do your prototyping for iPhone, iPad, Desktop, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Android. Turn your images, sketches, and mockups into realistic mobile and web prototypes. Share your work and receive feedback.


  • Blueberry

Blueberry is an experimental open-source jQuery image slider plugin. The “tasty” slider on its site captures your attention with sparkling fruits, giving you a good appetite for cool mobile-friendly responsive designs. “Beautiful simplicity” would be the best characteristic for Blueberry.

Enjoyed some fruit? Time for some chocolate! The ChocolateChip-UI is designed to create mobile apps through the use of standard web technologies. It offers various widgets, layouts, data filters, touch gestures, etc. The ChocolateChip-UI promises you no fussy patterns, just clean code, so you can work quickly and easily.


Build sliders, banners, presentations, and more with the help of Sequence.js, a responsive CSS animation framework. It is very user-friendly, has ready-made themes to offer, and is perfect for most mobile, desktop and tablet browsers.


  • HTML 5 Boilerplate

Meet Mobile Boilerplate, a mobile-oriented app template that lets you create high-performance mobile web apps. It offers analytics, icons, the latest minified versions of jQuery 2 and Modernizr libraries, Normalize.css, and more.

html 5 Boilerplate

  • Screenfly

See through your mobile audience’s eyes! Discover how your responsive website appears on mobile devices, as well as tablets, desktops, and TVs — just type in the URL. With the Screenfly tool, you can enable or disable scrolling and rotate the display.


Here is a set of small, incredibly lightweight, responsive CSS modules created with mobile devices in mind. Pure CSS lets you create great responsive layouts for any screen sizes by using Grids and Modules. It takes up just a little more than 4KB, which drops even further if you do not need all the modules.

Pure CSS

This HTML5-based tool lets you design a responsive website or app that will perform excellently on all popular mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. It will be great for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, webOS, bada, MeeGo and more. JQuery Mobile creators’ attitude is that your site or app should feel like your brand, and not like any particular OS.

jQuery Mobile

We hope these mobile web development tools have inspired you to build something great. Just imagine a big mobile audience getting closer!

If you wish, we can also help you bring it closer ;) Our outsource web developer will build you a mobile responsive website, a mobile version of your site (discover the difference between these options), or a cool cross-platform mobile app. Ask your questions!

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