Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017 awaits for all Drupal fans on October 7

Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017

Our website development company has been organizing and conducting DrupalCamps for several years, and we are happy to continue this great tradition this autumn, too. You can recall what was planned for Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2013, how cool it was at Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2014, what interesting moments we had at Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2015 and look at a vivid report about a vivid Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2016. So have you imbued the atmosphere? Have you remembered your own stories and impressions? Or perhaps you are regretting that you did not attend any or all of the above mentioned events? Then don’t miss another big conference for all Drupal lovers! October 7, 2017 is one extremely productive and unforgettable day, when 14 speakers and about 300 participants will get together. So be one of them!

New location — new impressions

As you have noticed, our previous Drupal Camps were held in the glorious city named in honor of Leo I of Galicia. This year we decided to expand the geography and place our event in another city, which also has an ancient history, is also a tourist destination, and is also a regional center. The name even begins with the letter "L" — Lutsk city.

New camp — new knowledge

Visiting Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017 will combine pleasure with business. During the first part of the event you’ll be able to take part in discussions and meet speakers who are eager to share their practical knowledge, experience, stories of success and failure, and give pieces of advice that will be useful in your further professional activities. In particular, there will be talks about Drupal, of course, as well as about Twig, Composer, Paragraphs, low-budget projects, data synchronization between third-party services and other interesting and useful things. In order to find out the exact topics of the reports and the names of the speakers, follow our pages on social media, where we will gradually reveal these secrets.

If you visit Lutsk, then visit Lutsk castle!

The very first association with Lutsk in many people’s minds, is, of course, Lubart’s castle. If you are one of those who have seen this magnificent architectural monument of XIV century, recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine and on the 200 hryvnia banknote, then this is one more reason to visit Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017 and see everything with your own eyes. Feel the majesty of castle moors illuminated by evening lights during the afterparty, which will be a vivid conclusion. As people say, business before pleasure — but don’t forget pleasure, either! After becoming enriched with useful knowledge, you will enjoy the drive of rock music, the taste of beer and delicious snacks, and chatting with friends and colleagues, new and old.

New camp — new rules

It is important to remember that no recruiting during Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017 is allowed. We understand that with such a concentration of IT professionals, it is difficult to resist the temptation to recruit a good specialist. However, the goal of the event is to share experiences and popularize the Ukrainian Drupal community. Therefore, we will be glad to see in your eyes only a thirst for new useful knowledge and positive emotions!

Hurry up to buy a ticket!

Are you already looking forward to October 7?! We are too! Remember that the fewer days that remain before the event, the higher the price will be. So we advise you to hurry up and order tickets for yourself and your friends. And for students, we have good news! Just 50 tickets will be received by those of you who send us yours the most original and convincing arguments about why you deserve a free ticket. Rush to fill in the form and become one of the lucky ones.

So, we, the immutable founders and organizers, are waiting for all of you on October 7 at Lutsk DrupalCamp 2017! See you then! :)

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