Guide to WordPress Landing Pages: How to Create and Improve

WordPress Landing Pages: How to Create and Optimize

A well-designed WordPress Landing Page can bring so many benefits to a company — it’s unlike any other strategy. Therefore, you should know how to create a landing page in WordPress and how to fill it with the proper content.

Today's blog will be useful for those who want to create a WordPress Landing Page as well as for those who already have a page that does not work as well as you would like.

Internetdevels Web Development Company will give you the essentials for creating a killer WordPress Landing Page. Let's go!

What is WordPress Landing Page?

In brief, WordPress Landing Pages are designed to grab the client's attention and show them that they really need our product and service. That is, the final task of the Landing Page is the implementation of some action by the client.

The purposes of creating a Landing Page include:

  • increasing subscriptions to the newsletter
  • buying a specific product or services
  • following a link

and more.

Example WordPress Landing Page

Example WordPress Landing Page

Why do you need a WordPress Landing Page?

By creating a Landing Page, you can manage your client and influence their decisions. If your site does not have such a page, then you let fate and the clients decide what they should do. You don't need that. You need active users who buy from you. 

Also, don't forget that the Landing Page is not the same as a homepage.

On the homepage, visitors can perform different actions and click on different buttons. The landing page is created for one main purpose.

What is the benefit of a landing page?

1. Conversion rates rise

One of the main reasons for creating a Landing Page is the desire to increase the conversions on your website. And these pages really work — otherwise we wouldn't be devoting a whole blog to them.

2. Increase trust in your brand

Well-designed and well thought out Landing pages show visitors that you can help solve their problem quickly and professionally. As a result, it helps to increase the credibility of your company.

3. Reach more leads

Creating a WordPress Landing Page allows you to get more customers who can be turned into solvent leads.

4. SEO improvement

Landing pages help boost your SEO. They bring customers to your site, which means they increase the amount of organic traffic and increase your positions in search engines.

5. Getting information about customers

A good advantage of landing pages is that they bring you information about your leads (e.g., their emails, etc.) You can use these effectively in the future.

6. Increase Brand Awareness

Very often, it is the Landing page that contributes to the fact that your agency or company is recognized and remembered. Increasing brand awareness is a nice bonus from creating landing pages.

What is the benefit of a landing page?

What should a killer landing page contain?

You can make a landing page that doesn’t work. Or you can create an effective Landing page that will bring benefits to your business.

The killer Landing page must contain the following mandatory elements:

  • The main and secondary headline

The main headline is the first thing your potential customers see. Therefore, it should immediately catch the attention of visitors and give them a clear idea of ​​what exactly you can offer them.

The subtitle clarifies the headline and expands on how the client will benefit from this offer.

  • Relevant Image

The visual component plays no less of a role than the title of the Landing page. Only by choosing the right images will you be able to hold the attention of users and push them to the next step. All images must be high-quality and relate to the product or service you provide.

  • Lead Generation Form

Lead Generation Form should be such that visitors want to fill it out and leave their private data. Make a nice design for the Lead Form, and try to reduce the number of fields. People don't like filling out a lot of fields.

  • CTA

A call to action is the final impetus to further action. For a CTA to work, it must be well articulated and persuasive. A call to action can be a button or just a standalone sentence. Don't forget to highlight the CTA with your design. 

What should a killer landing page contain?

How to Build a High Conversion WordPress Landing Page? 

Today we are going to describe 2 main ways to create a WordPress Landing Page:

Way 1. Build an awesome WordPress landing page with the help of Internetdevels web development company

If you are a beginner in working with WordPress or you already have a WordPress website then the best solution for you would be to get the help of a professional web design agency. 

The main advantages of hiring Internetdevels:

1. You will get a finished WordPress Landing Page in half the time it would take to do it yourself.

2. We will make sure that the installation of the plugin does not disrupt the operation of your site as a whole.

3. You will receive a quality product, without bugs, that will be selected specifically for your sphere and wishes.

Way 2.  Сreate landing page with the WordPress plugin

WordPress is a convenient system, as it allows you to install plugins to add any function.

And in order to make a landing page, you need to find a suitable plugin and add it to your WordPress site.

Top 10 WordPress plugins for creating a landing page to your website:

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Divi
  4. OptimizePress
  5. Leadpages
  6. Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd
  7. Thrive Architect
  8. Unbounce Landing Pages
  9. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes
  10. Landing Page Builder 

Your main task will be to install and configure everything correctly so that the new plugin does not affect the operation of your site as a whole.

Why Internetdevels for Creating WordPress Landing Page?

If you finally want to create a Landing page without spending hours on settings, then just contact a professional web developer.

We promise to complete the task in half the time it used to take us. Contact a web development company to set up and install a suitable WordPress plugin for Landing Page.

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