Expert SEO Tips to Rank Higher

Expert SEO Tips to Rank Higher

Understanding and implementing SEO principles will not only rank your platform higher in Google, but also will boost your traffic and, as a result, conversions. We have already written about basic SEO tips for beginners. But if you want to improve Google ranking faster, it is time to learn some expert SEO tips.

Here, the web development team at InternetDevels explains how to improve your site’s ranking with the help of SEO tips. Stay tuned!

How can SEO boost traffic?

Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is a set of techniques that help increase website rankings in search results. Being ranked on the first page in search results means that more people will see and visit your website. As a result, you will gain more traffic, conversions, increase sales, get recognition, and grow your website! However, ranking high in Google is only possible with advanced search engine optimization.

SEO trends to rank higher

Stop asking ‘What are the best SEO tips for quick ranking?’ Save this checklist to always be ready to optimize your website for search engines and boost your traffic!

Improve website loading speed

High page loading speed improves performance and increases website ranking. People hate waiting, and even a second of delay can irritate them a lot. Since 2010, Google has included page speed in its ranking algorithm in order to create a better user experience. The faster your website loads, the higher it will be displayed on the Google results page.

Ways to improve website loading speed:

  • Reliable hosting provider
  • Compressed images
  • Updated CMS, themes, modules, and plugins
  • AMP pages
  • Cashing
  • and more!

Learn how to increase page load speed.

Pay attention to keywords

Having the most relevant, not the most popular keywords is the most important expert SEO tip. This will help you gain more traffic through organic search.

Keywords search services:

Don’t forget about one of the most important SEO tips: LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords. These are words or phrases with a high degree of relevance to your target topic. Google uses LSI keywords to determine content quality and its relevance to the search query.

Improve dwell time

Dwell time means the time a person spends looking at a web page after clicking on it from the search results page. Your goal is to keep the user’s attention on your website as long as possible. Otherwise, you’ll get a high bounce rate and your website will be abandoned by Google.

Learn how to improve dwell time and reduce bounce rate.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets, or answer boxes, are the parts of content shown by Google at the top of an organic search. You should identify the most common questions your customers have and optimize your content so it provides relevant answers that could be chosen for snippets.

Optimize old content

Important SEO tip: regularly update your old content in compliance with new search engine algorithms to boost SEO. Otherwise, your platform will be full of outdated info and can even become invisible in search results. Don’t forget about Google’s E-A-T strategy (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) that protects users from low-quality and irrelevant content.

Lately, Google has included BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm to its search strategy. BERT is designed to distinguish nuances in English usage. This will help to better understand the user’s intent behind the search query. The goal is to get more relevant search results. You can use BERT to train your own language processing system for question answering or other tasks. With the help of the BERT algorithm, user-focused optimization is possible.

Don’t be afraid of guest posts

Guest posting is another SEO trend that will boost your traffic. This means writing blogs for other sites that are related to your platform. While writing for another site, you can connect with new readers and get them acquainted with your brand. Don’t forget to add a link to your landing page!

Optimize for voice search

The hot SEO trend is to optimize a website for voice search. The percentage of searches using voice has already reached 50% and this number will grow! This technology may even replace text-based search in a few years, as it is more convenient and quick. Make sure your website is ready for the upcoming changes.

Learn how to optimize a website for voice search.

Create XML sitemap

XML Sitemap is a list of links to all important pages on your website. With the help of Sitemap, Google or other search engines can view the website content and make access to web pages easier for users.

Fix broken links

Once every month or two, check to see if there are any broken links on your website. You should check both internal and external links. Replace them with ones that work as fast as possible, or your website might lose traffic and conversions!

Visualize your content

Another expert SEO tip: all text and no images is not only boring, it’s also bad for your search engine optimization. Visualize your content! Add relevant images and videos to explain the topic in greater depth. Don’t forget about ALT (alternative) text for images and videos. This is a short description of what is displayed in the picture to make your website more accessible.

Mobile optimization

Since 2019, Google uses the mobile version of the website for indexing and ranking:

‘Starting July 1, 2019, Mobile Content Priority Indexing has been enabled by default for all new sites (they’ve just been published or weren’t in the Google index). Pages that have existed for a long time are still checked for compliance with the criteria listed in the recommendations. As soon as the site is ready to switch to a new indexing method, we will notify its owner in the Search Console. Notifications about new sites are not required to be sent, since in their case the new method is used by default.’

Check if your website is mobile optimized with the help of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Improve your technical SEO

Technical SEO includes:

  • Adding robots.txt – a file that instructs the search engine what web pages it can crawl and which to avoid.
  • Set canonical web pages – set a canonical URL for a web page if you have a single page accessible by multiple URLs. Otherwise, Google will identify the content as duplicate.
  • hreflang attributes – these attributes tell Google about localized versions of your page, so the search engine can show results to users in a particular language.
  • HTML code – try to compress and reduce the size of HTML code.
  • Duplicate – make sure there are no duplicate meta tags and pages.

Social media strategy

Make it easy to share interesting blog posts from your website through social media. This will boost your traffic and make your brand more popular.

This can be done by adding social sharing plugins or modules to your website. If you are not familiar with web development, simply contact our website support and maintenance team, and we’ll add the functionality to your website.

It’s time to rank higher in Google with the help of expert SEO tips!

If you want to improve your website’s Google ranking, you should be aware of all the latest SEO trends and be ready to implement them as fast as possible. Luckily, there is a team of specialists that know how to easily improve SEO ranking.

Contact the team at InternetDevels for SEO audit to see what needs to be improved, as well as rely on us if you want to rank higher!

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