Drupal 8 release: great parties are on the way!

Drupal 8 release: great parties are on the way!

Great news about the "great 8" brought to you by InternetDevels Drupal website development company ;)

Drupalers, hold your breath and count to 8! This moment is approaching! “The great 8” A.K.A. Drupal 8 will be finally released on November 19. Yes, officially! Yes, for sure! :)

The figure 8 resembles the symbol for infinity. Well, right, this long-expected release has kept all drupalers waiting for an infinity ;) But all true drupalers know that this revolutionary release was worth waiting for! So let the “infinity” here mean endless joy, boundless fun...and unlimited beer to celebrate this event.

Drupal 8 release parties across the globe are “loading”

Loading, please wait... It’s almost there! After the announcement on, lots of Drupal teams started preparing their Drupal 8 release parties and adding them to the list. For your convenience, they are all displayed on the world map on However, we know the best places on this map and will tell you later in the blog post :)

By the way, there’s more than Drupal 8 release to celebrate on November 19. It’s also the birthday of Dries Buytaert, Drupal’s “father”, exactly on the same day. Hurray!

“A tale of 3 cities” by InternetDevels: parties in Lutsk, Lviv, and Rivne!

These two awesome events are worth...triple celebration, triple fun, triple drupalization! InternetDevels is going to give not 1 but 3 parties on November 19. Three Ukrainian cities will host our Drupal 8 release parties. They are Lviv, Lutsk, and Rivne (the ones with InternetDevels offices).

We know the best drupalization formula ;)

As the organizers of Euro DrupalCamp, Drupal Tour and more, we know all the secrets of the best Drupal hangouts. Our drupalization formula includes awesome reports by cool speakers, lots of Drupal jokes and talks, new and old friends hanging out together, yummy treats, and cheerful faces all around...

...and some special ingredients as well ;)

The formula would be incomplete without some special surprises. We will lift the veil a little bit and tell you about some of them. There is going to be a fabulous Drupal cake, as well as original Druplicon souvenirs made with the help of 3d technology. Yes, we are mastering new technologies for your pleasure! A draw will determine the lucky ones who will get those cool toys. Don’t mind their strict faces, they are the kindest creatures on the Earth.

Drupal parties impressions from the whole world in one folder!

We've created a special folder available to everyone where you can add your photos and stories about your Drupal 8 release parties. Every community member will be able to use it for producing any kind of content and spread it to the world!

Well, it seems unbelievable but will become real very soon. Drupal 8 is coming! Are you celebrating with our web developers? ;)

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