Website development according to any priorities: everything is possible!

Website development according to any priorities: everything is possible!

Web development is magic, with no limitations in making websites that are the true embodiment of their owners’ dreams. Every business needs a great website, and every business owner has their own priorities as to website development. For some, the main thing is the affordable price, for others a very high web development speed, and so on. All this can be achieved with no loss in quality! Whatever your priorities are, we will take them into account, so you are delighted with the result.

Let’s talk about your priorities in website development

If your priority is an affordable price

To make the development price more affordable, it is worth weighing the desired features against their cost. We can advise you on that.

A great argument here would be to mention the famous 80/20 Pareto principle. Maybe only 20 out of 100 features you originally wanted will be really indispensable for your website. When the implementation is entrusted to a good team, these 20 features will give you everything you need, and your site will still look and work great.

In addition, there are many ready-made solutions, especially in an open-source CMF like Drupal. So, for some particular feature, you can choose a standardized solution with little to no customization and it will still work well. Though it may differ somehow from your exact vision (for example, there will be no big square blue button with red hearts flying out with every click), but hopefully, you can handle that! ;)

If your priority is quick development

Website development is not a quick thing, but if you cannot wait for whatever reason, the process can speed up significantly.

For example, it is possible to pick a team of highly qualified specialists with relevant experience and skills, engage more developers on the project, agree on urgent rates, etc. All of this can significantly affect the budget — but it's worth it.

If you work with big development companies like ours, there is better choice of available developers. They also can substitute for each other if needed.

In addition, let’s mention the role of well-organized workflows. They keep up the development pace in web development companies using Agile methodology. By the way, thanks to Agile, you will be able to see the results of every stage of work. This helps even the most impatient customers.

DevOps experts will also help speed things up with continuous integration and delivery, process automation, and so on.

If your priority is continuous attention

There is also an option to be the one and only client for your developer team, and not share their attention with anyone. The team will work exclusively on your project. This will significantly increase the developers’ concentration and loyalty, as well as the development quality and speed.

They will be aware of the smallest details of the project and quickly resolve any issues. Of course, you will choose a team according to your preferences, and it will be like a part of your own company. Such cooperation model is called a "dedicated team."

If your priority is perfection

We also have good news for those who notice every detail and are passionate about each one being impeccable. Perfection is possible!

What you need is to be ready to listen to the advice of a good dev team with many years of experience who constantly monitor and use the latest technologies and are aware of which features are hot today and which are getting obsolete.

And, of course, quality is guaranteed by good testing: manual or automated, or better yet, a combination of both. The key factor here is to choose experienced testers.

If you want your site to look better than your competitors’

If you want to leave your competitors far behind or, still more, if you chase after the fame of some world-renowned giants and want equally powerful features, your dreams deserve to come true. Why not? Skilled developers can do miracles!

Of course, your budget should allow you that. And if it does not allow it today, maybe it will tomorrow!


And what are your priorities for developing your future site? It's time to see with your own eyes how they will be brought to life! Contact our website development company and have an awesome website built according to them.

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