6 Reasons Why You Should Use Drupal For Website Development

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Drupal For Website Development

Our guest blogger Jack Dawson, founder of Big Drop Inc, explains why he thinks Drupal is the best choice for website development services.

Before website creation begins, a developer has to first figure out what development software to use. Any developer worth his salt will tell you that the success of a website will depend a lot on the software tools used to develop it. Not all tools used in web development do what they promise. In fact, if you are not careful, you could end up choosing a tool that will under deliver and even cause your site to malfunction.

It also goes without saying that hosting a website with the right hosting provider also determines how the website will perform. To get a professional hosting service, you should check the reviews of top hosting companies before choosing the hosting company.

Why Choose Drupal

Several factors would influence the choice of development tool used. Drupal, for instance, is a free software, it’s open-source, and it can be used by individuals and enterprises of different technical skill level.

A great thing about Drupal is that it’s quite resourceful if you want a complex system for managing content. Though you can also use it for managing a simple blog, its unlimited capabilities will be greatly wasted. If your plan is to create a website that does everything imaginable, the Drupal is the right tool because it will give you a website that:

Has unlimited functionality

A website created with Drupal will have unlimited use of photos, videos, event calendars and forums. Multi-user support is also possible, including creating different roles, granting different permission levels, creating and managing work flows. The multi-user functionality makes it especially useful if you are creating a website for an enterprise client.

Is intuitive

There are community portals that allow audiences to share stories and photos. A community portal built with Drupal has inbuilt mechanisms to promote great stories and features and hide the negative ones, based on voting results from readers.

Has powerful networking abilities

Drupal has powerful networking and collaborative capabilities, which makes it a great choice for websites created for networking, such as campaign websites.

Is secure

Many government websites are built with Drupal. This is because Drupal’s security features are always under constant improvement. This makes it great for sites that have financial transactions or carry sensitive information.

It is supported by a community of developers

Members of the Drupal community create great software solutions, and they offer them for free, making it possible for website owners to access solutions they would have otherwise paid a lot of money for. Having a community that creates solutions for the love of it allows Drupal to offer cutting-edge technology before it even hits the market.

Is Customizable

Drupal gives a website the ability to support different data and content structures, making it a great fit for websites that touch on different topics and industries. Therefore, whether you are creating a website for a school, a bakery, or a government body, you can make different websites do very different things.

You can see from the above six reasons why Drupal is becoming increasingly popular for website development.

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