eCommerce Trends To Expect

eCommerce Trends

Due to unexpected events that happened in 2020, eCommerce trends are developing rapidly. Nowadays, more and more retailers are focusing on online selling.

By 2022, e-retail will grow to more than $ 6.5 trillion. However, eCommerce has its own distinctive feature. It is an industry that is continuously changing. That is why you should be  aware of the trends that will help your business grow and surpass your competitors.
Below, a web development company prepared a juicy list of the eCommerce trends to expect.

The top 7 eCommerce trends to watch out for   

We decided not to beat around the bush and just go straight to the most important eCommerce trends.

eCommerce trend № 7 - AI and AR

It is not a surprise that Artificial Intelligence is one of the advanced technologies used in our life, and eCommerce is not an exception. One may say that AI is already used in eCommerce sales, and you cannot surprise your customers with it.
AI is already used to make product recommendations and assist you with customer queries. But AI will be used in even more spheres of eCommerce. Researchers state that owners of eCommerce stores will spend more than $7 billion on AI by 2022.
A new eCommerce trend in the usage of AI for eCommerce retail is AI for attracting new customers.

AI helps not only your customers with their choice of goods; it also analyzes current trends, sales channels, customers, and buyer behavior.
By using this eCommerce trend, you can identify the best channels, time, and price to list your products with less effort.

We will still probably buy more online, but unfortunately we can’t try on the product before we buy it.
Augmented reality (AR) is the option that will let customers see how the item would look on them. By implementing AI and AR in your eCommerce store, you will likely see an increase in conversions and a decrease in the return rate.

AI and AR

eCommerce trend № 6 - Voice Commerce

Alexa, Google Home, and other voice assistants are useful in performing household tasks and dealing with eCommerce issues. More than a quarter of users employ it in ordering products online and other shopping-related activities. This figure is expected to be much higher in a year or two. According to the latest estimation, voice commerce sales will reach $40 billion by 2022. That is why you should start the optimization of your eCommerce store for voice search right away.

Here are three ways you can use to prepare your eCommerce site for voice commerce.

  1. Optimize the content for voice search to increase the chances of appearing in voice searches.
  2. Provide voice  navigation for your web page or app.
  3. Make sure your eCommerce site allows for the purchasing of goods using voice commands and can be identified by different voice assistants.

 Voice Commerce

eCommerce trend № 5 - New Payment Options

Payment options are crucial while we are talking about eCommerce because sometimes a lack of flexible payment options may lead to the customer’s refusal to purchase.
Now eCommerce sellers offer their customers not only options to pay by debit or credit cards but also with digital wallets.

Of course, these kinds of payments will continue to be on the list of the eCommerce future trends. However, some new trends in payment options may still appear. For instance, some eCommerce retailers may start accepting cryptocurrencies. If you are an eCommerce business owner, you should offer a wide range of third-party and secure payment options.

New Payment Options

eCommerce trend № 4 - Mobile Commerce at the top

As we see now, more and more customers are using their mobile devices rather than desktop computers to purchase online.

  • In 2021 this eCommerce trend continues to increase.
  • In 2021, more than 70% of the total eCommerce sales are done with mobile phones.

If you want your eCommerce business to be up-to-date this year, you should optimize your website for phone users. Don’t forget to check whether your site is mobile user-friendly as well as your web page.

Mobile Commerce at the top

eCommerce trend № 3 - Sustainability

The problem of nature protection is becoming urgent. It is no longer an isolated issue, we face it in almost all spheres of our life.  Green consumerism is one of the most important eCommerce to be expected. Customers pay attention to the product's price and properties and whether it is eco-friendly, preserves the environment, or involves recycling.

You, as an eCommerce retailer, can support green consumerism in many ways. For instance, you can reduce your carbon emissions and energy consumption as much as possible, switch to eco-friendly packaging or send receipts only in emails instead of paper ones.


eCommerce trend № 2 - Advanced customization

Customization or personalization is not a new thing, but it becomes more detailed and advanced than ever before. Due to the usage of 3D printers, eCommerce owners have an opportunity to customize items for their customers more easily and frequently.

Besides, if your eCommerce business is based on handmade production, you can create an advantage by implementing more options for customization.

Advanced customization

eCommerce trend № 1 - Delivery comfort

An eCommerce trend that will continue to develop is flexible shipping options. Immediate local delivery, the opportunity to pick up the order in the shop, and affordable international shipping are the benefits.
Moreover, it is good to work with several shipping companies, so your clients can choose the one that is most convenient for them.

 Delivery comfort

Embed eCommerce trends into your website with the Internetdevels web company

Ecommerce businesses will continue to have a leading position on the market. Even more, retailers will enroll in this type of selling. That is why for your eCommerce business to be relevant and competitive, you should implement these eCommerce trends as soon as possible.
AI and AR still remain an effective way to promote your business. Besides, voice commerce and mobile commerce are likely to prevail. The implementation of new payment and delivery options, advanced customization, and the support of sustainability is an advantage.

Do you want to use one of these eCommerce trends in your business? Our web developers can help you!

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