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most popular types of websites

These days, we can’t imagine our life without the Internet. Some of us even begin the day with a cup of coffee while browsing a news site or looking for new shoes on an online store. The Internet has become an integral part of business life as well. If you own your own business or are going to launch one, having a website can help you improve brand awareness and improve popularity. However, before you start creating your own site, it is useful to learn the different types, so you know exactly what you need. InternetDevels Drupal development firm has identified 6 types of websites that are currently the most popular.

The most popular types of websites

1. Business card site

This is the simplest type of website and does not have many pages. Usually there are no more than 10. Most of all, from one page you can go directly to any other. They are aimed at a brief description of the company, introducing the user the services provided to them and giving contact information.

2. Site showing the catalog of products

At its core, this is also a site card. However, as you can guess from the title, it also offers a catalog of services provided by these companies in addition to the summary information. Sometimes, this list may be very large and websites have a convenient navigation system with categories, filters and sorting. These types of websites are usually able to attract customers much better than a business card site.

3. Online stores

On websites of this type, there is a list of products where you can order everything you want online. Since the popularity of the Internet is very high, online stores are becoming the most common type and have already carved out a niche. It is very easy to start raising revenues from online stores, but remember that you will need a lot of time for processing and delivering orders, etc.

4. News and search portals

We use media and publishing industry of websites every day when we want to learn something new or to keep abreast of the latest news. Typically, such websites are very large and require a lot of time to create and promote. Usually these are a commercial projects.

5. Information portals

These are sites on which various articles on any topic are gathered. The website can contain lots of informational articles on any subject, while another one can contain just a few and explore novelties in the world of technology. Such types of websites can unite and structure information collected from other resources. Most often, they exist thanks to advertising in the form of banners, or they can be supported by sponsors.

6. Web-based accounting systems for goods or accounting

Such sites are aimed at solely internal use by any firm, and access from ordinary users is closed. They are very important for structuring data and are used by very large companies that have many offices in different cities. These sites contain a lot of information and are very expensive, but their convenience at times justifies the expenses involved.

We hope you know exactly what types of websites you need. If needed, our web developers can help you in making the right choice and realizing your innovative ideas. Start working with us today!

Most Common Types of Websites

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