Hello, Kyiv! InternetDevels is sponsoring and visiting Kyiv DrupalCamp 2017

InternetDevels is sponsoring and visiting Kyiv DrupalCamp 2017

Many remember our last year’s arrival to DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016. We were dressed in red T-shirt that had hearts and the phrase “I love Drupal.” Our squad of passionate Drupal developers looked like burning flames, and could be seen from afar. The flames of our love for Drupal have not been extinguished, and never will be! In fact, they grow stronger and stronger over our 9 years of experience, so there is no other choice for us than for InternetDevels to become a silver sponsor and attendee of DrupalCamp Kyiv 2017.

See you on June 10-11 — it’s gonna be epic!

Greetings to the Kyiv Camp from the creators of Lviv DrupalCamp! We can’t escape our fate — to always support cool Drupal events and be in the thick of the action. But we don’t grumble — this is the amazing fate we would choose anyway!

So we are heading to Bratislava Hotel in Kyiv on June 10-11, and taking our best friends along — Drudesk website support service, as well as good humor, drive and inspiration, and, of course, some nice surprises that we will keep secret for now.

We’ve been missing our old Drupal buddies from all corners of Ukraine and from abroad — so get ready to see us at DrupalCamp Kyiv! Would-be buddies, get ready to make our acquaintance! It’s gonna be an incredible chance to get together. And when hundreds of enthusiastic drupalers get together, something epic always happens.

We’re gonna enjoy cool reports about migration and upgrades, project estimation and team management, skill-growth and contributions to the community, Drupal through the prism of business, front-end secrets, case studies, Drupal 8 novelties, Drupal 7 subtleties, tips on harnessing the power of tools like Angular JS, React JS, Docker, Solr, and so much more! The four streams of presentation will break our Drupal-loving hearts into four pieces, but it will give us some great choices.

You will also surely see us hanging out at the party after, where we’ll continue asking questions we have not asked at the Camp’s presentation part, sharing ideas we have not shared, making friends we have not made… and drinking the beer we have not drunk during the coffee breaks (because, after all, they are coffee breaks).

The next day is gonna be a challenge, because everyone should be fit for a serious code-spring after the equally serious party. But we are not afraid of challenges ;) DrupalCamp Kyiv’s organizers are planning to break a new record and gather about 400 web developers. We are glad to help them break this record.

We’re looking forward to the event — see you at destination Kyiv!

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