Template Internet-shops

Template Internet-shops

When attending an internet-shop any experienced internet user can easily figure out what he's  dealing with – a cheap box decision or professional shop with an in-depth development.

The purpose of the shop is to appeal to a client for the latter will finally place an order and effect payment. If it's the matter of trust that's a predicament in the customer-i-shop relationship, then the shop can hardly fulfill its function and as the marketing tool it is useless.

Let’s look at some of the site problems that may cause user's distrust and even rejection.

1) low quality template



Some old sites of some English-versed virtuemart catalogue are mentioned here for the sake of an example. But on our terrains one can come across even more shocking examples but we won’t give them for now.

2) Shop-window is important

One of the key things, hereby, is the product card. Very often a product card is done to look “as if in a box”. But product card design should be tuned to a specific product type, with all possible parameters considered. It should be bound …well sell!

3) Order is important

If ordering process is not well-thought and on this step the shop loses the most essential thing – those customers who have so far decided to place an order.

Order-placing process should contain a useable succession of steps. There should be features. This is the most crucial moment. Unproven forms, too many steps and confusing lay-out will discourage the one who has just started considering the order.


There are reasons for what was said above – box-type of product, lack of usability, absence of designer’s and web developer’s touch lead to the shop that is not in a position to properly display the brand, product or business, for good measure.


To develop a successful and well-thought decision, the involvement of a professional web development company is required to work on the given tasks and elaboreat the Solution.

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