First impressions of Fusion theme

First impressions of Fusion theme

Fusion theme is oriented toward integration with Skinr module, and in order to use all its capabilities one should have the 2nd branch of Skinner installed + module Dialogue (for UI), though, for releases of modules are not yet accessible (so far, we've only used devs) it causes some bugs to come about. As everything is oriented at Drupal 7, modules for v.7 are updated almost every day and v.6 will be updated much more seldom.

To make sure everything works well on v.6 we should install the following:

1)Fusion theme itself

2) Skinr 6.2.x

3) Jquery Update 6.2.x

4) Jquery UI 1.7

5) Dialog

Here are the theme’s capabilities:

1) Layout: this theme has two variants of layout, fixed and flexible, which are based on 960th grid, measures for side-bars are given right here, in the theme settings; block and nodes settings are defined with the help of Skinr through UI.


2) Typography: there is a set of basic font types and basic font sizes available.

3) Navigation: it’s possible to make the primary menu as a dropdown one + to control breadcrumbs display.

4) search results settings are also provided

5) a button that turns on/off a grid is also available that very helpful for theming.

As we see, Fusion theme uses Drupal module system to its best, it focuses on improving and accelerating of the theme's development, User Interface, so that even not experienced web developers could be capable of doing an excellent cross-browser theme in a short time.

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