The benefit of advance projecting for site and client

The benefit of advance projecting for site and client

Any modern internet site, whether it’s a startup website or a cool web-store, is a sophisticated product and its development, which involves a lot of participants, is a sophisticated and painstaking task, too. In the course of a project implementation, the projecting task is becoming the one with major importance; it provides the right target setting for the project and secures a well-thought development process with no delays and errors along the way. In the local environment, though, while the site is being developed, a proper attention is not always paid to projecting. But it is precisely well-thought site projecting that makes it both effective and user-friendly at the end of the day. The more precisely the tasks are set prior to website development, the better the budget estimates and project lead time are figured out. Projecting should be viewed as one of the stages in site development, and a very important stage – the very “foundation” of the project. The point is that without projecting, the project development may be growing rather labor-consuming and hardly predictable which, on some stage, may lead to a failure. The problem is that, on every development stage, a big variety of questions arise from functionalists, makers-up and web designers. All these questions are slowing down the development and strain the working environment.

Projecting consists of several stages:

  • collecting data and forming marketing briefing;
  • making up technical requirements for the project;
  • writing down a detailed technical assignment;
  • projecting site architecture. On this stage the main page is projected, an approximate list of partitions is created, their structure is defined, and the main navigation connections are projected;
  • projecting main site interfaces;
  • creating functional prototype.

Remember, the more thoughts you share on what you want to see on your site, the less time will be taken for its projecting and development. And this will spare your and Drupal developer’s time! As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money”. Save your time, spare you money!

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