Happy 9th birthday to InternetDevels & congratulations on its achievements!

Happy 9th birthday to InternetDevels & congratulations on achievements!

Hello there! Do you like birthdays? November has lots! For example, the 1st anniversary of “baby” Drupal 8 — the latest version of the famous site-building platform. The whole Drupal development world is looking forward to celebrating it on November 19.

But wait a minute! ;) You are invited to yet another virtual birthday, right here and right now. No presents are needed, just your attention ;) The cakes and drinks will be also virtual, but the joy will be absolutely real.

Today, on November 15, InternetDevels website development services company is turning 9 years old! Its founder Leviks celebrates his birthday on this day as well!

So make yourself comfortable and join in as we review at least some of our latest achievements. Birthdays are always a good occasion to learn more about the “hero of the day”. Ready? Here we go.

Drupal 8: we are among those who really work with it

Our first “toast” will be to the long-term relationship between InternetDevels and Drupal 8! Last year, when our company turned 8 right before Drupal 8 release, we described how many things Drupal and InternetDevels had in common in our a little bit humorous “Almost twins” post.

We have never let Drupal 8 out of sight, followed its updates, have written blog posts about it, made commits, and held code sprints. You know, for many skilled and strong Drupal 7 developers across the globe, working with Drupal 8 still remains a riddle wrapped up in an enigma, because there is so much new in it. Luckily, this is not our story. We have developers on our staff who have really mastered Drupal 8 and enjoy working with it. So you can safely entrust your website development to us, both with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

Our developers have begun teaching students Drupal 8

To skill sharing! Continuing on the topic of Drupal 8, we would like to note that two series of site-building classes have been held at our office. Our developers willingly share their skills, and thanks to their efforts, young people have mastered the secrets of Drupal 8’s interface and learned to build their own sites, brick by brick... or should it be, module by module!

We have added .NET framework to the list of our favorite technologies

Here’s to expanding the horizons and mastering new technologies! We have now added the .NET framework to our area of expertise. A team of serious guys with 15 years of experience are now part of our big team. So we are now more than a Drupal development company!

With .NET, the miracles of creating powerful web and mobile applications and servers are just round the corner! And all this requires less coding on the developer's’ part. Easy deployment, cross-platform compatibility, security are just some of .NET’s other advantages.

Our “child,” Drudesk support service, grew like crazy

Let’s now cheer for talented children! ;) Launching our affiliated website support service about a year and a half ago, we never thought it would become so stunningly popular. Or rather, we did expect it ;) Because when you expect the best to happen, it does! Of course, it has to be supported with a strong idea and hard work.

So the idea of providing all kinds of support and maintenance, from small bug fixing to complete website upgrades from Drupal 6 to 7 or 8, turned out to be in such high demand that Drudesk web support service quickly grew — in both the number of employees and customers worldwide. We are so proud!

A cost plus system is now added to our cooperation models

Here’s a toast to our customers’ convenience! One of our latest acquirement is a cost plus system that many clients appreciate. It means that customers are working directly with developers without any hussle and bustle of organizational issues, because we take care of them.

We help find the right developers, check their skills, organize their workplace, pay taxes, take care of invoices and other payments, control their task logging in the appropriate task tracker, and more. To learn more about this model or select among plenty of others, drop a line to our customer service specialists.

We have become truly recognizable

To a well-deserved acknowledgement! It’s a joy and responsibility to be famous. At cool IT hangouts, you will most certainly see and recognize our faces (if you do, be sure to come up and say hello!). If you check out our profile, you will find lots of members with years of experience who have been actively making commits to make Drupal perfect.

And, hearing the name of InternetDevels, hundreds of customers, friends and readers know it’s a solid and trustworthy company that has arrived to the development world to stay. Hundreds of accomplished projects in various industries (education, medicine, e-commerce, social sphere and more) are just the beginning.

The best things are yet to come, have no doubt about it! So happy birthday to us! ;)

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