Almost twins: 8 things Drupal and InternetDevels have in common!

Almost twins: 8 things Drupal and InternetDevels have in common!

Almost twins: 8 things Drupal and InternetDevels have in common!

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We’ve been together for years and hope the very best things are yet to come! Yes, we are alike in many ways :) With the big date for all Drupal developers approaching (Drupal 8 release on November 19), we’ve decided to pick 8 main things there are in common between the Drupal CMS and InternetDevels Drupal development company. There are other big dates as well...we will tell you later in the blog. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

1) Born in November (just 4 days apart)

When summer goes away, the hottest events just begin! In the middle of November, both InternetDevels and the 8th version of Drupal were born. Their birthdays are just 4 days apart from each other (November 19 is the date of Drupal 8 release and November 15 is the birthday of our awesome Drupal company).

These are the best presents for their founding fathers’ birthdays! Let’s congratulate Dries Buytaert on November 19 and Viktor Levandovsky on November 15! Your hands should be tired of clapping :)

2) Drupal has 8th version & ID is 8 years old

This is not a coincidence, it’s a sign :) 8 seems to be our lucky number. Maybe that’s why we see it as a sign of infinity in Druplicon’s eyes? Yes, the 8-th version of Drupal is about to be officially released and InternetDevels is turning 8 years old. Hurray!

3) Incredible friendliness

The Drupal community is always open to new participants from across the globe, speaking different languages. Internetdevels is also friendly and welcoming with everyone who comes to us. People from other regions of Ukraine, as well as from abroad, work together with us. That’s cool!

4) Generosity and unselfishness

Drupal is a free CMS for everyone to use. It’s been created as a big, unselfish idea for the benefit of all users in the world. InternetDevels acts in the same way. Our company contributes its own modules to, organizes and sponsors international and domestic Drupal events, teaches web development to young talents.

5) Awesome flexibility

Drupal is good for building any kind of website with any functionality. The same goes for IntertnetDevels! We can cope with any task, no matter how complicated and challenging it may be. Our projects from across the globe are all different, but we are equally efficient with each of them.

6) Constant development & growth

Striving for perfection and considering all the latest trends, Drupal has already created its 8th version, and its community is expanding. InternetDevels also keeps developing, improving, implementing innovations, inviting new people, opening offices in new cities and launching new projects like our support service DruDesk. InternetDevels already has 112 employees and the growth never ends. That’s inspiring!

7) Unique atmosphere & fun

Despite all their technical skills and hard work, drupalers love jokes and fun, creating a unique atmosphere in the community that is impossible to forget. It’s just a way of life. If you’ve been to Drupal events or if you’ve visited InternetDevels web development services company, this feeling of joy and fun stays with you forever.

8) Beer :)

We’ve talked about work a lot, but this point is also important :) Beer is something we all love at our parties and hangouts. Why don’t we meet to have a couple of beers? Yes, we are talking to you who is reading it right now ;) A nice occasion could be our Drupal 8 release party in 3 cities of Ukraine. Let’s then see how much more we have in common ;)

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