How to get real Facebook fans

How to get real Facebook fans

Facebook is the most popular social network with a large audience of fans around the world. According to Alexa Internet (August 2017), takes 3rd place by attendance after and Although users mostly use Facebook for fun, this platform is a good way to find potential customers. Your site can be easily integrated with social networks, in particular with your business page on Facebook. In one of our previous articles, we talked about what you should pay particular attention to optimizing this page. Today, our website development services company will continue to talk about the benefits of the largest social networking platform for your business development. Here are some great tips for getting real Facebook fans.

Tips for getting real Facebook fans

1. Look for new friends in similar reputable groups. Invite your friends to join your business page (group). In general, add 20-30 people every day.

2. Send private messages to each new friend and say “thank you” for joining. Keep in touch with those people. This indicates that your friends are important to you.

3. Encourage the users who liked your posts to subscribe to the business page. Most people do not use this effective tip. Here's how it works:

  • Go to your company's Facebook page and click on the number of favorites at any post.
  • Then a small screen will appear that will allow you to "Invite" people who liked or shared a particular post to also subscribe to your page. By inviting users in this way, you can easily get 20-50 percent conversion from post likes to page followers.

4. Promoting a company page in your email newsletter is another great tip to get real Facebook fans. This is how you can direct your email readers to your Facebook page. Just put the icon in your newsletter and then encourage readers to become fans.

5. Share your beautiful photos and videos as often as possible, since this is the most popular Facebook content. Share the news and achievements of the company with users. This increases the interest and trust of people and, consequently, you’ll get more real Facebook fans.

6. Ask for shares and likes. It seems easy and ineffective. But it works. Ask your followers to like and share your posts. More people see your page, more followers you’ll get.

7. Take advantages of Facebook's targeting tools. On Facebook, you can target certain audiences with specific updates. Whether it is age, gender, location, relationship, educational status, language, or interests, you can segment separate posts by these criteria. All you need to do is to click the small symbol on the bottom of the post you want to publish. Here you can set metrics for both a preferred audience and anyone you think might not want to see your content.

8. Engage with other similar businesses. Leave positive comments every day in the groups you are interested in. Join those groups. To get real Facebook fans, leave comments and respond to other businesses within your field on a regular basis. For sure, this will attract their audience.

9. Forget about hashtags. On Instagram, publications with numerous hashtags get the most interest (likes and reposts), but there is not so much benefit from them on Facebook. Here, the use of 1-2 hashtags for each publication is considered to be optimal. Marketers even argue that content with hashtags is usually poorly perceived compared to messages without them.

All great things are always very simple. At first glance, these simple but effective tips will help you get real Facebook fans. If you have not yet integrated your site with social networks, contact the InternetDevels Drupal development firm, which will configure all necessary settings.

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