Top 7 free tools to monitor your server uptime

Top 7 free tools to monitor your server uptime

Web resources are created to be accessible to their visitors 24/7. This is desirable for both the visitors and owners. After all, it’s no use creating inaccessible sites. There are many factors that contribute to the chances of site crash. To avoid your Drupal website being down, properly choose where to host it, test and optimize loading speed, and ensure security. So, if you want your website to be online day and night, around the clock, you should use server monitoring. Today, we have a list for you of services that help monitor your server uptime and detect your site downtime for free.

What is uptime & downtime? Why should you care about it?

Server uptime is a term that describes the period of time when a website’s server is available and is running as smoothly as it should. Uptime is measured in percents. The desired index of high availability is 99.999% (five nines) with a yearly downtime of less than 5.26 minutes.

Downtime is the opposite of uptime. Moments, when a website is down and cannot be accessed, is a nightmare-case scenario for all site owners, Internet sellers, system administrators and network managers.

All your efforts directed to advertising your site and attracting customers are in vain when a site is down. This is why it’s important for you to detect those periods as quickly as possible. This allows you to fix the trouble in a timely manner and avoid big losses. The results of your uptime monitoring could also be taken into consideration when switching to another hosting provider.

What free services can help you check whether your site is up or down?

1. Monitority

This monitoring service doesn’t even have a Pricing page, because it is absolutely free. Get registered and get an unlimited number of your domains, URLs and IPs monitored. When they are down, you will receive free textual SMS messages, emails or tweets.

2. Uptime Robot

Another totally free service that can monitor up to 50 sites. Every 5 minutes it checks the status codes of your website. If any trouble is found, it checks further. If there are still complications, you’ll get notifications about it.

3. Uptime Dog

Every 2 minutes this completely free tool checks your website, web server, web hosting service or a network from 2 geographical locations. If it doesn’t respond to both monitoring servers, you’ll be immediately notified via e-mail.

4. Uptime Doctor

You are able to monitor only 5 websites for free, but at one-minute intervals. The alerts are sent via SMS and e-mail, and they contain your site or server’s name, its current status, the date and time it was down, and a related error message. If you have an Android or iOS device with a stable Internet connection, you also have the possibility to choose instant push notifications.

5. SiteUptime

SiteUptime offers its free pricing plan, which presupposes monitoring held from 8 locations every 30 minutes to see whether your website is accessible or not. Email alerts are sent as soon as a site is revealed to be down.

6. BasicState

This service allows you to monitor an unlimited number of websites in 15-minute intervals. BasicState sends you SMS or email alerts if network or server outages or DNS configuration failures happen, or when your server is overload. You can also receive uptime reports with a 2-week history via email every day.

7. !nsping

This uptime and performance monitoring service checks the availability of 2 URLs every 5 minutes. It sends alerts via SMS or Slack if the website is down. Insping can monitor websites, web sockets, TCP ports (TCP/IP), UDP ports (UDP/IP), DNS and Ping(ICMP).

We hope that our collection of free tools will be useful for you. Use it to keep an eye on the current status of your site in order to be able to react quickly in case of emergency. Our experienced team can also accomplish real-time checks for you, requesting the server every minute and visualizing data in a convenient way. If downtime is detected, we’ll immediately do whatever is necessary to get your website back up again. Contact our web development agency to get an effective server monitoring service and get your site fixed right away. We are here to help your websites fly!

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