Where to host your Drupal website?

Where to host your Drupal website?

What website hosting is and why it is important has been considered in one of our previous blog posts. Choosing a host for your Drupal website can be a difficult task, because the Internet abounds in offers for Drupal hosting services.

Your Drupal website is like a ship seeking to find a safe harbor. But you don’t need Google Maps or GPS to find it — here it is. Ever heard of Drupal harbor? Drop your anchor and be welcomed inside!

Drupalharbor: a really safe place for Drupal website hosting

Drupal harbor was born for the convenience of our customers who wished to get all services in one place. This decision came naturally for a company with such an impressive site-building record as InternetDevels. When our happy clients get their ready-built sites, of course, they need to host them somewhere and ask for web hosting.

Getting hosting services from the same company that has built your site is a great advantage. If you wish, you can give credentials to us to have us fix any issues for your site in case they arise. The same developers who know you site inside out will be ready to help. However, if you wish to come to the Drupal harbor to host a site that was created elsewhere, you are always welcome! The site will still feel very comfortable here.

At Drupalharbor, we offer VPS (virtual private server), also known as VDS (virtual dedicated server) hosting. You get your own server personally for your site — all of a server's resources work exclusively for you.

We provide fully virtualized servers based on KVM technology, which will give you freedom in the virtual world. How does it work? One large dedicated server is divided into partitions, each of which is a virtual private server that uses its own CPU and RAM resources. These resources are not shared with other users on the physical device, which enhances the server’s reliability.

Each VPS server is guided by a dedicated Linux system. It is fully manageable and configurable, and also absolutely independent of other users’ servers. You can easily install any software products, reinstall the OS or change your server settings according to your needs. To insure its flawless operation, in addition to the guaranteed RAM amount, we furnish each of our servers with a swapping file.

You can select a service package according to the amount of resources you want to use. The range of packages is very flexible, so you needn’t pay extra. Whichever package you prefer, you will get your root-access passwords to your server. We provide you with a “white” private IP address.

We also help you with migrating your site to our server and work on basic settings. To keep an eye on your server, we offer basic server monitoring. However, you can order extra services like various types of extended monitoring, as well as a server audit, code audit, security or performance audit, emergency support and other services.

Just contact our website development company to discuss what personalized care your website needs at our Harbor to feel most comfortable!

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