What is web hosting and why does your website need a friendly host?

What is web hosting?

If the word “hosting” is associated with a friendly person that makes your feel comfortable at his place, you are not far from the truth :) Your website needs such a friendly host as well. Why? Let’s find out more about it.

Web hosting, domain names, hosting types...what does it all mean?

Website hosting is the service of providing space for your website on a server so that people can see the site on the Internet. Your website also needs a name (like which is called a domain name. Since there are different web hosting types (shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual hosting and more), you need to choose from them depending on your website’s needs. Now, let’s go into more details.

What is web hosting?

A closer look Web hosting providers store your website files on powerful computers called web servers. When users type your address, the World Wide Web connects them to the hosting server with all your website files and then sends this information to their computer so they can browse your website pages. So, web hosting is more that just storing your website files. It also needs to provide fast and smooth connection to the Internet. Security, speed, stability, and reliability are must-have characteristics of a good hosting server.

What is a domain name? Digging deeper

A domain name consists of a name and an ending like “” or “”. The first part reflects your company’s and brand’s identity. The ending may tell more generalized information like what type of company yours is (“gov”, “edu” etc.), what country you belong to, and more. Investing in a domain name is a great idea for your business. If it is simple, catchy and easy to remember, it will help your customers find you.

Web hosting types: finding the differences

Just take a look at the most popular web hosting types and choose the one that suits you best. It’s easy!

Shared hosting

If you use shared hosting, your site is hosted together with other sites on the same server. They share resources (memory, disk space, etc.). This is an affordable solution or many websites.

VDS/VPS: virtual dedicated server / virtual private server

A VPS (virtual private server) is similar to a VDS (virtual dedicated server). It hosts your website is together with others, like in the previous case, but each site has a separate space, so there’s no sharing resources. That’s why it is more powerful than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting

This hosting types is offers the maximum control, power, and privacy. Your site is the only one on the hosting server! There is no other site stored on that server, and in many cases this becomes a crucial factor in making a choice.

Still have questions? You should have :) Don’t hesitate to ask us. We love to host websites of any type, scale and complexity, as well as provide perfect conditions for them. Your friendly host is here! :)

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