Server monitoring: a watchful eye that never lets your website down

Server monitoring: a watchful eye that never lets your website down

Websites do not want to be let down — in every sense of the word. They want to be up and running, with all the data kept secure, lots of visitors enjoying their performance and making safe financial transactions. How can you achieve all this, and avoid the dreaded news that “your website is down”?

Server monitoring

First of all, you need keeping a close eye on your website server. This is one of the most important aspects in providing its smooth performance, and, if necessary, quickly identifying and resolving upcoming issues. And that’s the essence of server monitoring services. They are meant to continuously check how your website server is doing in terms of performance, security, availability and more.

Monitoring your own servers can be time-consuming and expensive, and you will need skilled staff for this task. A wise solution would be to outsource server monitoring to a reliable team. Yes, you’ve guessed, at such moments companies usually introduce themselves. We will not break the tradition ;) Being a dab hand at working with websites, InternetDevels Drupal development company offers server monitoring among its wide range of service.

Any websites are welcome

Though we have the word “Drupal” in our company name, it does not matter what platform your website is built with. We monitor servers for any website, and in whatever country your server is situated — there are no geographical barriers for us.

We work with most popular servers and network devices: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, PING, MySQL, MSSQL, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSH, Telnet and more.

24/7 remote server monitoring

You can sleep well! Your server can be monitored round-the-clock, with a response requested from it every minute.

The Zabbix server monitoring system

In our work, we use the Zabbix system that provides an efficient real-time server monitoring. Moreover, it offers convenient data visualization (overviews, graphs, and more). You can have your own account there and have all the necessary information at hand.

Convenient alerts and reports

What is the most convenient way for you to stay informed? Depending on your preferences, we can set up alerts sent by email, phone calls, SMS, or in other ways. Detailed reports on your server performance can be sent to you as well. You can choose a flexible schedule for that.

No “what if” ;)

A backup or recovery plan can be set up for you so all your data is kept safe and sound in any situation. In case of emergency, your site can be quickly restored on another server.

Side-by-side with experienced developers

One of our great advantages is that InternetDevels is a full-stack Drupal development company with 8 years of experience, so there’s almost nothing we don’t offer in terms of website services. We know websites inside out, and quickly resolve even complicated technical issues. So contact us and let’s discuss your server monitoring. Just one step to take, and then it’s time to relax and let us take good care about your server!

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