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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Website

Conversion Rate Optimization may sound incomprehensible, so we will unpack what this secret code means for you today.

Put simply, conversion rate optimization is a collection of ways to convert your website visitors to active buyers.

Today, the Internetdevels web company will share all the nuances that are associated with conversion optimization and highlight 20+ effective tips for you to apply to see REAL results.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Simply put, Conversion Rate Optimization is about applying all possible strategies to convert all of your visitors into active customers.

Mainly business owners create a website with the aim of expanding their customer base and increasing revenue.

Imagine that you are the owner of a cafe. You did not create it so that people would come to you, sit for a while and then leave, but so that they would buy a cup of coffee.

Conversion Rate Optimization helps you realize the main goal of your website - to generate income. We are sure that you did not create the site for people to enter and leave!

How Do You Calculate Your Conversion Rate?

The conversion rate shows how effective your site is. The higher your conversion rate, the better it is for you.

In order to understand how deplorable the situation with your site is, you need to first check what the conversion rate is with your site now. 

The formula for checking the Conversion Rate of your website is:

  1. Take the number of visits to your site per month. Let's take 45,000 as an example.
  2. Next, we take the number of conversions over the same period of time. For example, 2,500.
  3. We carry out the following calculations:

2,500 / 45,000 x 100 = 5.6%

5.6% is the conversion rate on your site at the moment.

6 Major Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Increase in income

Whatever anyone says, this is the main advantage of conversion rate optimization. After optimization, customers will take more actions, and therefore you will receive more money.

2. Increase the profitability of your business

After conversion rate optimization, you increase the number of clients you have without additional capital investment.

3. Discover your mistakes

Conversion rate optimization of your website gives you a real picture of the state of affairs on your website.

4. Increasе competitiveness

CRO will help you to better understand the desires and expectations of your customers and to satisfy them. This is guaranteed to raise you above your competitors. Perfect, isn't it?

5. Increase your place in search engine results

The lower the bounce rate is the higher your position in search results. Accordingly, after conducting the conversion rate optimization, you have every chance to appear at the top of the search results.

6. Improving UX

One of the main tasks of companies on the Internet is to make UX convenient and pleasant for users to be on the site. CRO results will allow you to improve all the pain points of your business.

6 Major Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

3 Conversion Optimization Rate Mistakes 

Although there are many different articles on conversion rate optimization nowadays, some users still make mistakes. Our blog was created in order to avoid such a trap with your site.

1. Lack of optimization for various devices.

Do not make this mistake, as you can lose more than half of your users. Be sure to optimize your site for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even smart watches.

2. Slow site speed

Often a  slow site leads to potential customers just leaving your website - they can’t stand the slow speed. This is no good, so fix this problem quickly.

3.  No Online Customer Support

Just like in real life, people need to know that someone can help and advise them in the shop. Users prefer those sites where they will be helped if necessary. Become such a site, and add live chat support to your site.

10 Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

We bring to your attention 10 selected tips to pump up the conversion rate of the website. Our must-have list includes 10 tips that really work. Think of this as a mini-checklist that every website should do.

1. Speed up your website downloads

Reduce your website load time so users can quickly get what they want.

Short tips for Reduce Page Loading Time:

  • choose a light theme
  • use CSS files
  • get rid of unnecessary plugins and files
  • cache data

2. Optimize your CTA buttons

Make the CTAs really work.

Short tips for CTA optimization:

  • add CTA to the top of the site
  • make the button stand out and catch the eye
  • create more CTAs than you currently have

3. Show reviews from your customers

Users' reviews encourage people to trust you.

Short tips for Users' reviews:

  • show reviews next to specific services and products
  • always respond to reviews, even bad ones, to show that you are responsible and pay attention to it
  • the more feedback you have, the more new customers you will receive

4. Make Sales promotions on your website

Everyone likes sales, so give people what they want.

Short tips for Sales Promotions:

  • the more promotions you make, the higher the chance of getting more conversions
  • add "free shipping" because this also works
  • develop a suitable design for special offers

5. Simulate a Scarcity Effect

No matter how many years have passed, this method works well! Scarcity creates demand.

Short tips for Scarcity Effect:

  • write under the product how many pieces are left (you can embellish a little)
  • write how much time is left to take action on the promotional price

6. Change your Product Page

On the website, the customer must first buy with their eyes. Make the visitors want to buy something, even if they don't need it.

Short tips for Product Page:

  • use high-quality product photos
  • focus on the description of unique features of a product or service to convince the user that he needs to buy it
  • take care of SEO optimization of the code signature for the product
  • create recommendations for similar products

7. Improve your website navigation

The best advice would be: make the navigation so that a child can figure out how to use your site. Just imagine that your target audience is kids. 

Short tips for Product Page:

  • the fewer steps a visitor needs to take, the more leads you will receive
  • don't forget to optimize your website on mobile devices

8. SEO-Friendly is basic!

SEO is what helps customers find you through search engines.

Short tips for Search Engine Optimization:

  • write the correct title tag for the goods
  • use accurate keywords
  • сreate clear URLs

9. Add multiple payment options

Remove restrictions on how people can pay for services and products and get more conversions.

Short tips for Multiple Payment Options

  • add credit/debit cards payment
  • allow mobile payment
  • give an opportunity to pay by virtual currency

10. Make your website multilingual

The availability of the site in different languages will expand your client base and take away any geographic boundaries. It will help you enter the global market.

Short tips for site multilingualism:

  • make your site available for starters in multiple languages
  • get an employee who is a professional translator
  • allow users to conveniently switch between different languages
  • the more languages that are available, the more user coverage you get

10 Must-Have Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Additional Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips

In addition to the main 10 tips, we wanted to give you a few more that help your site to gain rate conversion. Of course, using all of them is optional. Check them out to see what works best for your site.

11. Choose the right color scheme for your industry

12. Create and distribute quality content

13. Focus on what the client can get from working with you, not how cool you are.

14. Add a chatbot

15. Create multiple landing pages for different types of users

16. Give several ways to contact you

17. Run an A / B / C / D test

18. Avoid spam

19. Show who you are — open up to your customers (add a team photo, for example)

20. Shows statistics of what you have already done

21. Check that all links on your site are working

22. Add features that are already in your main competitors

23. Create a memorable design

24. Use contact forms

Do conversion rate optimization at Internetdevels web-development company

Website conversion rate optimization is a necessary action in order to stay in trends or breakthrough there instantly.

Above, we have provided more than 20 tips that can help you with this. All you need to do is choose what is best for your site and implement it.

Web developers at Internetdevels will be happy to help you select and implement the features that your site needs.

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