Content modeling in Drupal as a key web developing step

The peculiarities of content modeling in Drupal 8

We continue to describe the functional capabilities of “the big eight” as Drupal 8 has many improvements over its previous versions. Take a look at the innovations in Drupal 8.3.0, which is its latest minor release that came out this month. If you have decided to build a website in Drupal 8, we have some effective tips for devs describing how to create different useful things for D8 site. One of the first things to do, though, before you start creating your site is content modeling. This is what we’ll focus on today.

First of all, let’s recap what a content model is

A content model is a representation of all the types of content that you will need for your future web project, laid out in a structured manner. It includes the interconnections between content types as well as the distinctive elements of each type. The 8th version of Drupal allows you to model a site’s content through the convenient web-based interface instead of a standard database table. This model is a fundamental first step to the Drupal 8 site building process itself.

What is the main purpose of modeling your content?

Building a content model means everything from building out the structure to meet requirements to filling the site and to support functionality. This structure is designed to become your editor interface and HTML output. If it is well-thought-out, it will become the groundwork of a harmonic Drupal 8 site where all elements are systematic, well-ordered and are functioning in conformity without contradicting each other.

What does a content model give to people working on a web project?

  • What does a content model give to content managers?

Content managers whose job consist of producing unique content will learn about the content's optimal volume and other requirements they will have to meet. Also, the content model can provide authors with guidelines on how to upload texts, pictures, audio and video files using Drupal. Those people are expected to work with the CMF every day, so, the more conveniently the model is set up, the less work they will have to do. So keep your model consistent and intuitive.

  • What does a content model give to web designers?

Web designers can check whether their page designs fit well to different content types mapped out in the content model. If there are any fields with captions or with sortable data that are able to be sorted by the calendar date, alphabet etc. — in short, not just text — then all this should be taken into consideration when creating layouts.

  • What does a content model give to web developers?

Web developers will get a clear understanding of all the specifications for filling the site. A content model will allow them to configure the content management system in an appropriate way in order to make the editing and publishing process smooth and easy.

To sum up, content models are needed to support a site’s content produced by content managers, the site’s layouts designed by web designers and the site’s functionality developed by web developers.

So, now you’ve got some basics on content modeling and can start creating your own site on Drupal 8. Our Drupal developers are ready to make your ideas come true, just ask them.

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