Unexpected bonuses of working with Internetdevels

Unexpected bonuses of working with Internetdevels

Working with a third-party company gives a lot of benefits for your business. We have previously listed the reasons to outsource in Ukrainian as well as reasons to outstaff in Ukraine. Our country is rich in highly qualified IT specialists who have experience on working with international clients. We, Internetdevels, are a successful web development company who have worked in the IT sector from 2007. We are trying hard to match the characteristics of a great web development company and are always striving to develop further. So find out what unexpected bonuses you’ll get if you choose us to develop your site or app.

You’ll be good at site-related issues

You’ll read articles, blog posts, watch videos and other material on the Internet related to the world of web with ease. You’ll feel like an expert on site-related issues, and this will be helpful for you in handling your website. You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletters to be aware of new things, which you can further apply to your own website to improve it.

You’ll evaluate sites you visit daily

You’ll notice things like absent autocomplete option in some e-comm filter, or absent social sharing buttons near some blog post, or the unacceptable loading speed of some page that is more than 5 seconds. So you’ll focus your attention on things that should be corrected on other resources and maybe even come up with the ideas of not only what to fix, but also how all this should be fixed. By evaluating other examples of sites you encounter, you will start to draw parallels with your own site. You’ll be able to evaluate your own web product by comparing it with the others. This will motivate you not to let similar issues you’ve noticed on other sites happen on your own website.

You’ll astonish acquaintances with terminology

CMS, CRM, CDN, SMM, MVC, CSS, PHP, AMP, SEO, UX, UI and other terms will stop being just a dreadful combination of letters for you. You’ll reveal the mysteries of their meanings and grasp their essence.

You can impress your friends, relatives and colleagues with the vocabulary you’ll become familiar with. You’ll have something to boast about, and you’ll be able to tell a witty IT joke among your friends at a cocktail party or give a profound piece of advice concerning the web world to your business partner. They’ll see you grow and obtain competence in the IT sphere, and you’ll grow in their — and your own — eyes.

You’ll get a glance behind the scenes of the web industry

If you have previously believed in some myths about PMs and their work before, or some misconceptions about how web products are created, you won’t after working us. Instead, you’ll get deep insights on how projects are estimated and how projects are actually developed. You’ll work with a team, being able to control every its step and see the results of every stage of the process, not only the overall results in the end.

You’ll have new good friends

You’ll know Internetdevels experts as they really are with their life stories. You’ll get acquainted with the personalities behind the professionals who are eager to listen your last vacation journey, give advice on routine troubles, or chat about hobbies you might have in common. With daily e-mails and weekly check-in calls, you can make friends with your project manager very quickly. You’ll miss these conversations when the project is completed.

You’ll get to know one more nice place to visit again and again

Because of our well-known Ukrainian hospitality, our company is always happy to take in guests. If you want to come to the Internetdevels office to see everything with your own eyes and to negotiate in person, you are welcome! We bet you’ll be pleased by our creative interior and friendly, open atmosphere. You’ll want to keep coming back.

You’ll be involved in creating history

You’ll be an integral part of the process of building a web resource that will live and be accessible to the wide public for years, and maybe decades. You’ll witness the process of developing something that is useful for lots of people. Just think about this and imagine the future.

Our aim is to provide a positive user experience by building multifunctional and beautiful web resources, and to provide a positive client experience when collaborating, too. Not only the end web product, but how you reach it matters too. We enjoy challenges, and we look forward to facing them to get wonderful results. Start working with us right now.

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