Top Websites to Download Free Images 2015

Top Websites to Download Free Images 2015

In one of our previous blog posts we discussed the latest web design trends. Today we’ll talk about a very special issue for web designers and lots of other specialists.

Web design, social media marketing, blogging, front-end... All these and many other fields deal with creating a good aesthetic impression on users. Beautiful, high-quality images are an absolute must for that. Where to get them?

The process of picking images often looks like this. Nice pic! Ah, it’s of poor quality. This one’s not bad! Oh no, very small size. Here’s a free image of the required size. Boring, I’ve seen it about a hundred times everywhere on the Internet. An awesome one! Danger, the picture comes from the competitor’s website. Finally, that’s the perfect image! Oh, it's protected by copyrights - what a disappointment.

Does this sound familiar? Keep your chin up! There are special places where real treasures are found.

Top websites to download high-quality free images

1. Pexels

This impressive collection has over 3,800 free stock photos that are sourced from other free image directories or added by users. Every week, dozens of new high-resolution photos are added. You can also share your images with The convenient search by keywords is provided on the website.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Pexels


It offers more than just a large number of high-quality free images to download using the keyword search field. The website's slogan “The home for all your photos” means that you can also upload, save, organize, edit your own photos, share them from any device, from anywhere in the world. Registration will give you many special options on Flickr.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Flickr

3. Pixabay

Here you can find lots of great images to download using the website’s search engine or browsing by categories like Animals, Food/Drinks, Computer/Communication and many others. The offered stuff is divided into the following types you can choose from: Free Photos, Free Illustrations, Free vectors, Free Videos. You can also share your images with the world.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Pixabay

4. DesignersPics

No extra texts, lyconic style, just a world of amazing photos for free download. That’s the impression DesignerPics makes. You can find awesome free images searching by categories like Architecture, Concepts, Food&drinks, Nature and more. The website’s search engine could also come in handy.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: DesignerPics

5. Picjumbo

Discover a wealth of cool free images using categories such as Business, People, Technology, Sunlights and many others. Convenient search by keywords will also prove useful. New photos are uploaded every day. Though Picjumbo is free, there are special paid options that let you download great amounts of photos at a time and more.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Picjumbo

6. Imagebase

This is a special collection of beautiful free photos because they are mostly taken by one photographer, David Niblack. The author allows using them for personal or commercial purposes. The free images are divided into 6 main categories: People, Objects, Nature, Slides, City, Holy Land. If that’s not precise enough for you, the search field is to your service.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Imagebase

7. Freemediagoo

“Lack of money shouldn't be responsible for holding you back from driving your art forward”. This phrase on the website says everything about their mission. The free images are offered in 3 main types: Free Photos, Free Textures, and Free Digital Backgrounds, each of which is also divided into several categories.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: FreeMediaGoo

8. Gratisography

This is a very creative collection of absolutely free pictures taken by abstract artist, designer and entrepreneur Ryan McGuire. They are grouped like into such categories as Animals, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, and Whimsical. But you can enjoy them all on one page by just scrolling down.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Gratisography

9. Unprofound

Sometimes the color plays the major role in your design ideas. What colors are you looking for? has a unique option of finding awesome free images by the predominant color they contain. Too creative? Don’t worry, the conventional search by keywords is offered as well.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Unprofound

10. Unsplash

The first thing you see on the website are really large and beautiful photos on the main page, so you may be sure at first sight they have high resolution. As is written on the website, the images are “free - do whatever you want” and "10 new photos are added every 10 days". You can download the images or upload your own ones.

Top Websites to Download Free Images: Unsplash

Feel free with your creative ideas! Enjoy free images! But remember that behind each website there are real people, so you can always choose to reward them for their work and give a contribution. Have amazing designs!

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