TOP Drupal modules for Views

TOP Drupal modules for Views

We can’t imagine Drupal without Views. It comes in fresh Drupal installation and new modules are being attached to it as the time passes. This additional modules affect the work of Views, extending the functionality and adding new useful features.

Here is a short review of modules that could be combined with Views successfully. If you’d like to get a detailed instruction about the installation of certain module, go to this module’s page and use readme. Hopefully, this article would be useful for you.

  • 1. Views bulk operations

Views bulk operations (VBO) allows performing different bulk operations with content (change the author, publish/unpublish or delete content). It is quite convenient and simple to use — add Bulk operations field type in views and choose the actions to be performed with the content.
Views bulk operations

  • 2. Views UI: Edit basic settings

Views UI: Edit basic settings module is unlikely to be useful for your own projects, but would do a good job, when the client wants to edit the website without developer’s help. This module allows modifying the materials on page, blank text, header, footer etc. All these rights are granted by admin, so you can enable only those which won't harm the website for sure. By the way, the module is compatible with Wysiwyg, so it would be convenient to edit the website.
Views UI: Edit basic settings

  • 3. Better exposed filters

Better exposed filters allows making filter forms more convenient for the customer. You can replace ordinary select lists with radio buttons or checkboxes, select or deselect the variants. You also can apply the filter without unnecessary buttons and apply jQuery slider for the filters like “More than X”, “From X to Y”.

  • 4. Views global filter

Views global filter allows creating global filters and applying them to all necessary views. In such a way, the user can make a choice on a homepage (e.g. the country of origin) and get the information in accordance with it on other pages.

  • 5. Views autocomplete filters

Views autocomplete filters. If views includes filters with text fields, this module can be useful. It enables auto search option using the first entered letters, finds correspondent fields and lists the results below. Enable it with an ordinary checkbox in view's editing form.
Views autocomplete filters

  • 6. Views infinite scroll

Views infinite scroll is the other option of the standard pager for views. You scroll the page down and new content is being loaded automatically. This module still has a disadvantage: if you want to scroll the page to the bottom, you have to wait till all content loads. It also isn’t working if “Use ajax” option is enabled.

The name tells its own tale. It adds one more format to views display: one element is shown, and the others remain hidden. The module is useful in those cases when seeing all elements is not essential (titles or images are enough). Its setting parameters are quite flexible: the elements could be shown for rollover, or after you click the titles. And it looks really nice :)
Views accordion

  • 8. Views ticker

Views ticker shows the fields or elements of views in multiple ways: as a new sticker or slider, scrolling the views automatically. The module adds new formats of views display: fade-out, vertical or horizontal scroll, news ticker or BBC-style. Looks dynamic.
Views ticker  Views ticker

  • 9. Views slideshow

Views slideshow allows creating slideshows with any content being displayed in views (its not just about images). It could be set up in multiple ways and works well with jQuery. There is a wide range of submodules, providing wider opportunities for slideshow setting up.
Views slideshow

  • 10. Views megarow

Views megarow module allows displaying the content of the views elements via links in the separate field. In such a way, a node preview or a form could easily be displayed. It will look like an additional row in the table with correspondent content.

  • 11. Views tooltip

Views tooltip allows displaying a field in a tooltip format for a rollover. It is convenient in the cases, when you need to make the fields smaller — in such a way, you would be able to put the views with multiple fields in a small div. The tooltip is a separate field which sets the constantly displayed text and the content available for rollover (you can display anything in this way, even the whole views fields).
Views tooltip

  • 12. Views fluid grid

Views fluid grid displays the views elements as a nice grid. It could be flexibly customized and justified. You add it as new views display format. It looks good, but of course you can implement the same with CSS.
Views fluid grid

  • 13. Views horizontal slider

You can figure out, what Views horizontal slider module is just having read its name (e.g. here: The text display isn’t perfect, but the images hide behind one another, which looks really good. It is customizable, so you can set it up according to your needs and make it look even better.
Views horizontal slider

  • 14. Draggableviews

Draggableviews allows creating table-type views with drag’n’drop sorting method. The elements can be moved or relocated in any way. Afterwards, you should save the changes on a display page.

  • 15. Date

Date module adds “date” field type. It is useful for views, as there often is a need to sort the elements by those criteria. You also can create filters, separating the future events from those, which have already passed.

  • 16. Calendar

Calendar allows creating views with calendar type and place the elements with date there. For example, an ordinary monthly calendar with the events in a cell of correspondent days. You also can create a weekly or annual calendar. If the event lasts for few days, it is prolonged in the calendar. If few events take place at the same day, you can switch to daily display.
Views calendar

  • 17. Calendar tooltips

Calendar tooltips module allows adding tooltips to calendar (even views fields could be expanded for rollover). It is very useful in small calendars with small cells that can not contain much text.
Calendar tooltip

  • 18. Internationalization views

Internationalization views is a module for views translate. It is still being developed, that’s why some elements could have no translation yet. It also adds fields marked “translated” to ensure that the right fields are translated. It also helps filters to display the content in different languages in appropriate way. The module fits well for multilingual websites.

  • 19. Views datasource

Views datasource is a set of plugins for views, allowing to display data in following formats: XML (Raw XML, OPML, Atom); JSON (Simple/Exhibit JSON, Canonical JSON, JSONP/JSON in script); RDF (FOAF, SIOC, DOAP); XHTML (hCard, hCalendar, Geo).
Views datasource

  • 20. Views periodic execution

Views periodic execution is a module, responsible for what is stated in its name. It may not be useful by itself, unless other modules require this.

  • 21. Views Facebook like

Views facebook like is a small and simple module, displaying the amount of likes on Facebook. If you add the correspondent field to the views, you would be able to sort the content according to the likes. The module requires Facebook integration (install Facebook social plugin integration).

  • 22. Views excel export

Views excel export allows exporting views to Excel (xls-format).

  • 23. Views fieldsets

Views fieldsets creates fieldsets in views in order to sort the fields there. It has wide range of settings: for example, you can display certain views elements or fields as drop-down blocks after clicking their names. The module is simple and convenient to use. Add the “Fieldset” type of field and place the required elements below. You can also use the views’ title as the name of fieldset.
Views fieldsets   Views fieldset

  • 24. Views galleriffic

Views galleriffic integrates jQuery plugin Galleriffic to views. It allows creating galleries using views with pictures. The module is very flexible.
Views galleriffic
These modules will make web developers' lives easier, allowing them to interact with Views more effectively.

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